Love & Other Drugs: The Craziest Things Kanye Has Said About Kim

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Crazy Quotes From Kanye West About Kim Kardashian

Kanye West loves him some Kim. So much that he likes to say some incredibly wild things about her. They’re so off base and bizarre so often, that we have to break them down here.

About Kris Humphries – Kanye fell in love with Kim while she was with Kris Humphries and threatened to “have Jay drop him from the team”…lulz.

Watching Ray – Kanye allegedly admitted to watching the Ray J and Kim video to get off with his ladies.

Passports! – On “New Slaves,” Kanye said he had to move his family out of the country to get away from the paparazzi. It’s that serious.

Walk Of Fame – Kanye said he wanted Kim to have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Really?

Kim Shirt – Okay, this isn’t a quote but it’s Kanye wearing a Kim Playboy picture for a shirt.

Adult Flick Pride – Kanye’s rapped that Kim was famous off of one video like he’s proud of it. Of course the video is of her doming up Brandy’s little brother but whatever.

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    Kim > Michelle – The the icing on the cake…Kanye said Kim is more influential than Michelle Obama. We’ll just leave this alone.

    Bonus: The Confederate Flag – This isn’t Kim-related but Yeezy said he believed he was owning the Confederate flag by selling it at his tour.

    Bonus 2: All This Jesus Stuff – Chill, Yeezus.

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