Celebrities Who Have Been Single All Year

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Celebrities Who Have Been Single All Year

It seems like most celebrities are able to bounce from boo to boo and never really end up single. Why would they? They can damn near get anyone. But some just enjoy being single for a little bit…or they’re just lonely and can’t get anyone.

Lil Wayne – He had Dhea then had his business put on blast and they broke up. If Weezy is with someone it’s a secret at this point.

Drake – Drizzy has been bouncing from woman to woman but he hasn’t found a woman to date the entire time…long year.

Stacey Dash – She’s apparently been single all year…maybe because she’s been busy riding the crazy train.

Sandra Bullock – She’s been single ever since that loser dumped her for the Nazi.

Andre 3000 – He’s been single apparently, too.

Erykah Badu – She’s had rappers popping up left and right over the years to get her knocked up but she’s been chilling for a bit.

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    Janelle Monae – We know her relationship status is on the…down low.

    Eminem – He’s always single it seems…

    Taylor Swift – She’s been single all year! Go figure…she’s due for three or four boyfriends in a row though.

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