Chit-Chatter: Peter Gunz Babymama Tara Says He Offered To Divorce Amina To Make Up For Being A Dirty Dog

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Tara reveals whether or not she’d take Peter back if he kicked Amina to the curb

Peter Gunz Babymama Tara Says He Offered To Divorce Amina

The premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop season 4 introduced the viewers to three new cast members, another messy love triangle, and a whole lot of drama.

At the center of the drama was Tara Wallace, the unsuspecting girlfriend and babymama of dirty-dog rapper Peter Gunz. By the end of the episode, it was revealed that Peter was not only crepping with his “artist,” but that he had also made her his wife, leaving Tara hanging after over a decade together. F

Following the premiere, Tara had this to say about the situation.

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“Peter and I, we are going through a breakup. Relationships are built in levels and they’re broken up in levels,” she told

“I knew coming into this that there would be some things that I would find out that I didn’t know. I did not know the severity of some of those things. I’m a little shocked,” she said.

Peter didn’t just fool around on the side; the music producer actually married “the other woman,” artist Amina Buddafly, who denies that she knew how serious things were between Peter and Tara. Tara can relate.

“I didn’t even know they were dealing with each other,” said Tara, who would have preferred honesty from the father of her two children.

Tara also says she was faithful to Peter for the duration of their 13-year relationship and revealed that he even offered to kick Amina to the curb to get her back. But she says she’s throwing the deuces. Check out more of what she had to say on the flip.

“Infidelities are just disgusting. They’re disgusting unless all parities are involved…if you ask me, and we can all be disgusting together,” she explained. “It’s even more disgusting when you’ve been faithful for 13 years and you find out that someone hasn’t given you that.”

She’s seemingly willing to walk away from her romance with Peter, even though he told her he’d get a divorce; however, Tara said she’s ready for the next chapter.

“I’m human. I’m a woman. I’ve loved this man. I’m hurt. I will find the strength and courage to get through it,” she said. “I loved him not knowing these things and so now, even though this has happened, it’s about picking up the pieces no matter what and moving on.”

It’s sad that Tara & Peter’s two young boys will have to adjust to not living in a home with both of their parents if Tara actually does keep it moving, but all things considered, it sounds like the best thing for her to do given the level of disrespect that Peter has shown for her and their family.

Do you think she should take him back for the sake of their children if he does divorce Amina?

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