LAX Shooter Described Himself As “Pissed Off Patriot” Who Wanted To “Kill TSA And Pigs” For Violating His Civil Rights!

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New news about the tragic and terrifying shooting at LAX yesterday

LAX Shooter Claims He Wanted To “Kill TSA And Pigs”

Yesterday, the nation stood in shock as news broke that a maniac shooter armed with an AR-15 assault rifle had opened fire inside of LAX.

Today, the shooter has been identified and details about his possible motive have emerged

Via NYPost

The New Jersey native who killed a TSA agent and wounded five people in a wild Los Angeles airport shootup left a note describing himself online as a “pissed off patriot” angry that airport searches violate his rights.

Paul Ciancia, 23, walked into a packed Los Angeles International Airport terminal Friday morning wearing fatigues and carrying an AR-15 assault rifle and about 150 rounds of ammunition.

He started picking off Transportation Security Administration agents — sending hundreds of terrified air travelers fleeing for safety.

Ciancia wrote in his note that he “wanted to kill TSA and pigs,” and was disappointed with the government, but did not want to hurt civilians, according to reports.

He signed it with the letters “NWO,” an apparent reference to an anti-government group called “New World Order,” according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently, authorities got wind of a potential problem with Ciancia just prior to his shooting rampage.

Ciancia, of Pennsville, NJ, just south of Philadelphia, sent his younger brother a suicidal text message early Friday that prompted worried relatives to contact police.

Pennsville cops reached out to LA police asking them to do a welfare check on Ciancia. But Ciancia wasn’t home when cops got to his apartment.

Ciancia was shot four times during his airport gun battle, and is hospitalized in critical condition.

The Ciancia family said the 23-year-old had no mental health issues, according to

People who knew Ciancia said they were shocked that he was the alleged gunman.

Ciancia’s former roommate in Los Angeles, James Mincey, said he appeared to be unemployed but never showed any disturbing qualities, such as a fascination with guns.

He spoke to Ciancia last week.

“He said he was going back to Jersey, going to work for his dad, and making amends with family problems … and spending holidays with his family,” Mincey told KABC-TV.

The only place we want this azzhole spending time now is in the hospital and in a prison cell.

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