Star-Spangled Bananas

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Ashanti sang the National Anthem yesterday at the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets game. We were surprised that she actually sounded “decent”.

View the video right about now…

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    how bout them cowboys

  • Moreaces

    I’m Just glad the Cowboys Won,,, Go Dallas!!

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Can you say… LIP SYNCH!!!! I’m sure they pre-recorded this in a sound booth somewhere to play while her lips moved for the crowd!!! LMAO!!! Cute outfit though.

    P.S. GO SKINS!!! (HATE 2 THE COWBOYS!) (And I’m hatin cuz y’all are 10-1 — BASTARDS!!!) LMAO!

  • JaliliMaster

    Ashanti……and to think that I once thought of her as a good singer. What the hell has happened to her career?

  • vachick

    sounded shocked…good job!

  • NubianGoddez

    She probably stepped up her game and hired a voice coach. I don’t understand football so I won’t comment other than to say the men look hella good in those uniforms. still trying to get my big ole green mile negro to don a football costume in the bedroom and tackle my ass to the floor. I think I’m gonna have to slip something in his drink to get him to dress up for me, damn he won’t even do the cop and hooker costume I bought for us. damn he would so make a cute cop (:

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Oops… I just actually watched the video. Forgive me for pre-judging her. She actually didn’t sound bad. I wouldn’t say great, but I’d at least say good! I think she started to think she was doing a music video toward the end, with the slight head slide shoulder move. LMAO!! GOOD JOB!

  • Mrs

    Ashanti do your thing, gurl.

  • gabe

    i’ve seen alot of artist perform in baseball and da crowd will boo if they have to they dont hold there tongue 4 nobody so if da whole audience cheered for her don’t u think she did a good job and yall know for a fact they wont hire any1 to lip sync da natinal anthem so cut it out she did a great job give credit where its due.

  • dayg715

    ashanti and “sing” should not be used in the same sentence. she needs to learn how to sing for that.

  • Will J. Powers

    OK. So how come she wasn’t “sangin” like this from jump? Shorty got some pipes and a little sould. I always thought she was a little pop tart that couldn’t do notes like that.

  • nadinili

    wow i actually thought ashanti would be a better singer than that. i really shocked

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    She sounded really good. I was shocked. LOL, I think she got a raw deal with folks spreading the myth that she can’t sing. IMO, if anyone can sing that anthem, then they’re pretty darn good.

  • Angel_Minded

    I think that just because it’s ‘Ashanti’ people are gonna hate – this chick could sound like Whitney Houston and folks would still find a reason to hate just ’cause it’s Ashanti! I mean dayum!! People keep saying that we need more variety other than certain overexposed artists, but yet we never give any credit to artists that are genuinely trying to better themselves as singers. Ashanti has come a looonnggg way since her debut and I don’t think it would hurt anybody to give her a little credit.

  • txshawty


    But BOOOOO wealthy celeb dating sites, DAG NABBIT! lol

  • txshawty

    😦 I can’t see the video at work, but Ashanti looks kee-yoot! lol

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    Thats my girl…….I am a proud Ashanti fan…And I love the outfit go girl………Can’t wait 4 the new album

  • Anonbun

    yo just sit and be pretty. where’s your alta ego: Mary J Clone???

    *rollling on the floor laughing my ass off*

  • wonkwonk

    She sounds like a scared lil girl, but that is ok. Do you, girl!

  • Mrs

    There is always room for improvement and that goes for all of us and she stood up and song that and the crowd thought she was good – well done to her.

  • I'm Still Me

    she did actually sound decent, she must have been working with someone

  • ThaBossLadee

    Good stuff

  • Tonya

    Damn! She still sounds like the Cookie Monster. She cannot sing.

  • nunya bizness

    She did OK.

  • Hey Hey

    Why does she keep singing the Star Spangled Banner..

    How about promoting a better song for her album???

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