9 Wives And Girlfriends Who Want The Spotlight

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9 Wives And Girlfriends of Famous Men Who Want Fame

Don’t you hate seeing non-famous people trying to hop in the spotlight because they think they should be getting all of the attention? It’s the worst. These women wanted to be stars of the show…and annoyed the hell out of us in the process.

Jessica Simpson – When she was with Tony Romo, she thought she was the damn Dallas quarterback. Glad that ended.

Draya Michele – What is it with the Cowboys and slore-y boos?

Coco – Put your tiggums away…we’ve seen enough of them. Damn.

David Otunga – While not a wife or girlfriend, David might as well should be. Move out the way so we can look at Jennifer.

Khloe Kardashian – See the last name? At least she’s not as bad as…

Kanye and Kim – Kim Kardashian. Who wants to be the biggest star of them all. Obviously. But she learned from…

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    Kris Jenner – She got a TV show off of it.

    Jackie Christie – Doug is whipped and she wants all the spotlight. Sigh.

    Safaree – Yeah, he counts, too.

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