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A video was uploaded recently of a woman’s beheading by a member of one of Mexico’s largest criminal gangs Los Zetas, causing a huge international outcry. According to BBC, a woman’s head was removed in a grainy 40-second video that was later uploaded onto the social networking site


Is What You Do Who You Are?

Nothing annoys me more than that typical introductory question. No, not “What is your name?” That’s important. Not “Where are you from?” You might be interested in pursuing a friendship if I am local. But the question that I have grown to despise is: “What do you do?” After graduating with a Masters two years ago, and still not finding suitable employment, the constant career-related conversations that force their way into my everyday life are that serious, at least to me. I barely want to talk to my family and friends about that aspect of my life. So when it comes to speaking on it to complete strangers, I am often overcome with anxiety.


How Short Is Too Short? Lady Gaga Goes There At 2013 Youtube Awards

Lady Gaga “goes there” on the regular, and by “there” we mean the place over the line that makes people uncomfortable. This time, she showed everyone the back bare of her legs at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards on Sunday.


10 Things We Learned From Sway In The Morning’s Peter Gunz Interview

The life of a struggle rapper isn’t an easy one. Their laughable bars and the questionable behavior can lead to non-stop ridicule that can cripple a career. Sadly, capable Bronx lyricist Peter Gunz has joined the struggle rapper club with his recent casting on Love & Hip Hop: New York.


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