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Cops can be hoes too…

Arizona Cop Charged After Affair With Drug Dealer During Undercover Investigation

Via USAToday

A former police detective had an affair with the target of an undercover drug investigation and outed herself and two other detectives as law-enforcement officers after having sex with him, according to a police report.

Detective Jessica Dever-Jakusz refused to speak with investigators and later resigned. Police sent a report last week to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office recommending that she be charged with two counts of hindering prosecution.

A spokesman said last week that the case is under review.

Dever-Jakusz’s revelations to the drug suspect, her lover, on Oct. 10 torpedoed a five-month-long undercover investigation by at least three detectives into the sale of MDMA, nicknamed “Molly,” the Tempe police report said.

What the hell type of climaxes was ol’ boy giving this broad that she would drop dime of herself and the police department?!?!

The report said that Dever-Jakusz’s lover was surprised when she told him that he was under investigation and that the two other female detectives buying Molly from him also were undercover police officers.

“Up until that time, (the suspect) did not know or ever suspected that Dever(-Jakusz) was a police officer,” the report said. The suspect told police that he didn’t think Dever-Jakusz was being malicious in revealing the information, but that she was “careless” and “carefree” in her revelations.

The report said the suspect went to a police substation and told officers about Dever-Jakusz’s statements about two or three days later. He told police he was not “emotionally tied” to Dever-Jakusz, though the affair started in August. The undercover buys with the suspect started in June, the report said.

Why would he go to the police and tell them this? Well, he’s actually smarter than you might think…

The report did not say why the suspect came forward, but it said his decision to divulge Dever-Jakusz’s statements to police made it impossible for them to file charges against him for drug sales to Dever-Jakusz.

The suspect told police that, after Dever-Jakusz outed herself, he contacted a friend and told him that he also had been under investigation.

Police do not know if they will be able to file charges against the suspect for the drug sales to the two other female detectives in the undercover investigation, according to the report.

So basically this guys gets to walk scot-free all because this horny cop worked her jaws ON him and TO him! SMH

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