When the Checks Stop Coming In

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The future is not looking bright for former track star Marion Jones:

The world governing body of athletics has handed disgraced sprinter Marion Jones a two-year ban for doping and annulled all her results dating back to September 2000, including her Olympic and world championship titles. The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) also told Jones to return an estimated $700,000 in prize money and recommended that her United States relay teammates be disqualified and lose their medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Jones retired last month after pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators in 2003 and admitted that she had taken the designer steroid “the clear” from September 2000 to July 2001. Jones won gold medals in the 100 meters, 200 and the 1,600-meter relay in Sydney, as well as bronzes in the 400 relay and long jump. She won the 200 world title in 2001. Jones has returned her five Olympic medals and agreed to forfeit all results dating to Sept. 1, 2000. IAAF spokesman Nick Davies said Jones can’t compete again unless she pays back the approximate $700,000 in prize money. Even though Jones has retired, she is officially suspended until Oct. 7, 2009. Jones would have to give the IAAF 12 months’ notice if she wants to return to competition after the ban, Davies said.

700K in payback dollars might not be that easy to come up with, especially since those Nike checks stopped coming in a while ago.


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  • Bronx Brawler

    She already lost her mansion in NC

  • http://1ST tia


  • tia

    this is so sad she used to be my favorite athlete

  • tia

    oh 2nd

  • tia

    damn i thought i was 1st

  • Ooh, That's my tra-la-la

    How did Don Imus say it? Ah yes. NAPPY HEADED HOES.


  • Bronx Brawler

    She had a mansion in the same gated exclusive subdivison as Jordan it’s not far from UNC. My fam lives in NC they said they took back the house she copped for her moms too. I hope Barry Bonds has a better investment portfolio than Marion.

  • Bronx Brawler

    Tia better luck next time, but if you have a phat butt I will give you the top spot on this post.

  • LaLa

    Too bad her relay mates have to suffer too.

  • Bronx Brawler

    ^^^^I would not give my metal back if I didn’t cheat.

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    Man that’s all bad

  • scorpio

    bronx brawler is a fool. lol.

    damn that’s terrible. i loved marion jones. but now i see that i, too could’ve achieved her degree of excellence with the help of “clear”.

  • Larry

    How couls she be so greedy and stupid to throw away her fame and reputation like that. Sorry, but I don’t have any sympathy for her. Pretty girl though.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please

    She can always get a gig holding Rhianna’s umbrella ella ella eh eh eh.




  • Purple Boots

    Thats what cheaters get HAHA

  • Fly Young Lady

    this is just very unfortunate

  • John

    AWW man! they trying to crucify the girl!! Its enough to take away all her medals and titles but to go after money she don’t have! Sad indeed


    If they want to go this route, then they need to ban sports period and take back everything from all sports figures because most of all of them have used drugs. So, hell, give me my money back for all the tickets I paid for going to Football/Basketball/Soccer/Tennis/ and ect. Yank everybody cribs!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    She needs to go and find the MF that got her on the juice (roids) and whoop that ass before all her muscles disappear!

  • biwtican

    why are black prople blaming jones? all the atheletes were using something. she never tested positive for anything. the crooks are the drug makers and the fake trainers and coaches they used to trick these atheletes with afke names for the drugs and then blackmailing them to make them keep using them. the governments information is coming from the military who monitored all the use and results and limited the distribution as a national security issue. these high profile persecutions are to keep the government’s involvement out of the forefront and secret.

  • TT


  • jackie baby

    Most athletes of her caliber do use steroids. Think lance armstrong. At least he has enough sense to not confess. Some things you just keep to yourself. Lol.

  • tia

    steroids by itself can’t make you win medals you have to put extra work so i do not see the big deal about it. she should have kept quiet and taken that lie to her grave

  • Corree

    see, she shoulda gotten those teeth fixed when she had the money, now it’s too late.

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