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Barack Obama on smoking weed back in the day:

“I did,” the senator from Illinois said to light applause. “It’s not something I’m proud of. It was a mistake as a young man.” The question was a reference to a line made famous by former President Bill Clinton who, while admitting to trying marijuana, said he did not inhale.

“I never understood that line,” Obama continued. “The point was to inhale. That was the point.”

Republicans are already blasting Obama for setting a bad example for young people. We think someone who tells the truth and doesn’t speak sideways is setting a good example for young people.

Damn, you know some hypocritical politicians are going to play up he smoked rocks back in college. Bossip has his back!


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  • seriousllyDough

    isn’t G.W. Bush known for abusing cocaine, alcohol and skipping out on fighting in ‘Nam??

    Obama is a saint compared to that.

    aint nothing wrong with marijuana anyway.

    to quote Nate Dogg “smoke weed everyday!”

  • thetruestfaith

    Atleast he added that it was a mistake, so how can he be sending the wrong message. These people make me so sick.

  • memchee

    didn’t he said he did cocaine and not rocks. Rocks is a cheaper form of cocaine.


    Doesn’t it say in the bible: “Let those without sin, cast the first stone”???

    Everyone has done something in their past that they’re not proud of and give me a break – he’s not trying to become Reverend Obama, Pastor Obama, The Pope Obama…Just the president, and I believe this country has a lineage of un-perfect presidents.


    Look, I am a black Republican and have the utmost respect for Obama. That’s what’s so lacking in this world today. TRUTH! If I were voting for a Democrat, he is the only one who would get my vote. Bill and Hillary lied to get into the White House, and lied during the Impeachment hearing. She has no experience what so ever and regardless of Obama’s name, he would damn sure make a better President then lying racist Hillary Clintin!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    I got your back Obama,just do me a favor and leave the white girls alone once you become president. Them Republicans are waiting for you to mess up. We all know politicians are saint either so they can go on with that non-sense of Obama setting a bad example. I bet 98% are sleeping around on their wives(with another man) or another woman, so I don’t want to hear the BS. Men, money and power don’t mix well. Obama in 08′!!!!

  • Moreaces

    Well, it’s not like Bush was not a coke head, and had his share (and a few other folks) of drinks. Lets not let this be an issue

  • Blackacre

    Are these the Republicans blasting Obama the same Republicans who voted for Bush twice? I bet they are.

  • Moreaces

    ATX Queen:

    Good point!

  • John

    Well at least he told the truth. Most politicians dance around the truth!!!

  • John

    The brother is making Hilary work hard. I wish him the best but YOU KNOW HOW IT IS!!!

  • Unkle Kracka

    I see a recurrin theme here, a dope smoker runnin for president and a dope takin olempic runna and they both niggras, i guess you wood call this a ethnic weekness.

  • Ms. Fab

    I love you Bama!!!

  • John

    I guess there was no klan meeting tonight! They showed up here

  • http://www.richromances.com www.richromances.com

    No comments

  • http://www.gravatar.com MzGapeach

    And this issue affects me in what way?

  • crest

    the same republicans who jump on obama about not setting a good ethical example are the same republicans who are cheating on their spouses or are on their 2nd or 3rd marriage because they wanted to upgrade looks once the made it. rush limbaugh is allover obama but he was hooked on painkillers and receiving them illegally. i agree with the guy above me who said obama doesnt have a chance that is true but i will vote for him anyway but america is so racist and blacks are only 10% of the country so i know hollywood has all the mixed couples in movies and on tv but america is still really racist and obama cant be president even if he wins the democratic nomination when its time to elect president you will have people who normally vote democrat voting republican just to keep him out of the office. you should read some blogs on white websites and you will see how far this country has not come because when you are voting it is private and your true feelings can come out just like in those blogs and americas true feelings are to fear black men.

  • here we go

    wow! Barack Obama DESERVES to be criticized, how DARE him, a politician be HONEST!!! he shall be sentenced to 200 lashes for not lying and blaming it on illegal immigrants, the feminist movement, abortion and gays.

  • Dr. Scratch n' Sniff

    @ here we go

    And don’t forget Rap Music.

  • Want to Holler

    Damn, you ppl are sad, ignorant and full of self-hate! Just the way you’ve been trained to be!!!!!

  • BubbaGoosie

    I got his back too lol

  • NubianGoddez

    Please they need to stop, they are all on something illegal or legal.

  • AND...

    That’s some bull. President Bush’s criminal record is on sealed for 50 years. Now why would you have to seal your criminal record unless you had some bad ish in there. At least Obama is telling the truth. Those effing politicians kill me with their hypocritical asses.

  • WhoHasnotTriedGrass

    I am as square as they come & I tried it a million years ago. Didn’t like it & never tried anything else. Anyone that said they haven’t tried it is a liar. The young people will probably listen to him before they listen to those stuck-up, lying, cheating, holier than thou Republicans. America is not winning the war on drugs. These politicians need another stratergy, like getting kids to stay in school, reward them for staying in school & get them in a career they like & will be able to live off since they will have to be 100 to collect Social Security thanks to our corrupt, don’t care about anyone, better than everyone politicians.

  • Lik_Wid_Cherry

    How can any politician talk smack when our own president use to be a coke-head? Folks are a trip nowadays, I swear.

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