Clapback: Lil Mo Goes In On Nicci Gilbert For Saying She Is An Angry Bird — “Don’t Mention Me”

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Lil Mo politely told Nicci Gilbert to shut the fawk up.

Lil Mo Tells Nicci Gilbert To Not Mention Her

Nicci needs to be careful. Lil Mo put her friend Kevin Terry on blast for giving sloppy toppy to another man. Kevin was her friend… so imagine what she would do to you Nicci.

According to Sister 2 Sister:

Contrary to what her “R&B Divas” counterpart seems to think, Lil Mo said she’s not the mean girl who just pops off at the mouth on the L.A. series.

In a recent interview with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown, Nicci Gilbert had this to say: “I explained everything to [media coach Dyana Williams] because originally she thought I’m like Lil Mo or Syleena [Johnson] and just flips out and says whatever the hell I wanna say.”

Nicci also named Mo and Chante Moore as two cast members on the L.A. series who “ran with” the drama, instead of promoting unity.

Well, Lil Mo clarified that flipping out isn’t really her style and her interactions with Nicci have been minimal at best. So, Nicci may not be the best person to comment on Mo’s mannerisms.

“I’ve seen Nicci Gilbert twice in my life…I don’t know her,” Lil Mo told S2S. “I just don’t do and say whatever. Chances are if I’mma say something it’s because I was asked or provoked.”

Lil Mo explained that she’s hesitant to bring up any of her fellow divas’ names, but she will defend herself.

“When she tried to put my integrity in question, that’s a discussion. We gonna have to sit down and talk about it. Don’t mention my name,” said Mo who questioned how professional it is for a TV exec to talk about a show’s stars.

“What kind of executive does that?” she said. “All the years that I’ve been in this industry, I’ve never seen no executive talk about any of their staff in an interview…Unacceptable.”

Unfortunately, it seems the “R&B Divas” drama has crossed franchises. As Mo pointed out, Nicci stars on the Atlanta version of the show, while she’s a cast member of “R&B Divas: LA.”

The good news is that the franchise intermingling has resulted in an “R&B Divas” tour that includes Kelly Price, Nicci Gilbert, Dawn Robinson, KeKe Wyatt and other “Divas.”

Lil Mo’ wasn’t invited to lend her vocals to the production.

“I didn’t care. I was just like ‘good luck.’ Trust me, my show is freaking crazy. My live show with my live band is intimidating, and that’s not even being conceited or arrogant or boastful,” she said. “I like KeKe [Wyatt]; I know she’s gonna kill it. I would hope that maybe she’s the co-headliner because between her and Faith [Evans], I think that was a real good call. I don’t know what anybody else is going to sing, and I really don’t care.”

Forget the war of words, when it comes down to some good ‘ole fashion singing: Who you got? Mo or Nicci?

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