Pay Up: People Who Think Jay Z Owes Them Money

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A List Of People Who Think Jay Z Owes Them Money

Jay Z has had a lot of business dealings in his life. Naturally, he’s going to upset a lot of people during that time. Over the last 15 years, he’s been sued and come after by a lot of people who think he owes them.

Who are these people? Let’s see.

Diamond Dallas Page – He sued Jay Z because he thought the diamond symbol was his and not The Roc’s.

TufAmerica – They’re suing Jay Z for using a sample for “Run This Town” that didn’t credit them.

Hoodlove, LLC – They sued Rocawear for using their slogan on t-shirts.

Clara Shepherd Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary – They sued Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Rick Ross for the sample to “Three Kings.”

R Kelly – Kellz sued Jay for $75 million over their tour falling apart.

Baligh Hamdy – He sued Jay for using his sample for “Big Pimpin.”

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    Celeste Williams – She’s a former waitress suing the 40/40 club for back wages and…well…she just wanted Jay to pay her.

    Clive Campbell – He sued Jay and others for allegedly building a stadium on an area used for the slave trade. Buddy sued for $5 billion. We serious here?

    Syl Johnson – This blues musician sued The Throne for a sample of “The Joy” that wasn’t credited.

    Worker’s Compensation Board – They said Jay didn’t cover his workers for years and they sued him for it.

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