Alicia Keys: I Want to Get Piped On My Piano

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

AK recently told Tyra Banks that having sex on her piano is at the “top of her list” of things to do. Click here to watch the video.

Why hasn’t that Krucial character helped her out with that yet? She also describes her relationship with this Krucial character as “dating”. SMH.

Tyra had her questions ready, she probably wanted some of that bangin’ AK for herself.

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  • james

    very interesting! I must say, she is rather stunning.

  • Carlos

    She prolly means with a strap-on. I get those dyke vibes from her.

  • leave it be

    now you know good and damn well that girl got it on the concert grand in her living room!

  • Anon

    Carlos said:

    “She prolly means with a strap-on. I get those dyke vibes from her”.

    ^^ told ya’ll….LOL!! The IGNORANCE never fails to amaze me on the Internet. SMH

  • MzGapeach

    leave it be

    now you know good and damn well that girl got it on the concert grand in her living room!


    He hit that spot and she played every scale…….all her songs were in high pitch minor lOL

  • Trinitalian

    I don’t understand why her and Krucial haven’t made their relationship “official” by claiming each other yet. They have been allegedly dating for a few years now, and he is not famous so, its not like they would have to worry about it being a high profile thing. What is really going on?

  • HdubNdaBridge

    I must say that doing AK on a piano is at the top of my list too!!!

  • DM

    Ya, I heard that Keisha ( Mrs. Omar Epps) was a lesbian. How could he want that? Gross.

    And by the way, why does Tyra want to know AK’s bra size? Freaky, weird.

  • Whodat

    Y’all who keep claiming Alicia Keys is gay? Whats your BEST EVIDENCE for that? Not just rumors, lets hear what evidence you have… otherwise, just shut up .

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I think that Ak is trying way to hard to make ppl believe that she isn’t a les… if she’s not she would’nt be “trying” to convince the world so hard.

    And if she wanted she would have already let her dude get it all over, under, and inside her piano and any other piano around if she not just talking.

  • sasha

    She looks like rihanna in that pic. HOw does that guy Krucial look, ( what is with deliberately spelling things wrong).

  • kai

    I thought this was actually funny. A bit TMI! Carlos is too funny, Im sure she couldnt give a damn what you say with her week album sales being well over 700 thousand….

  • singular

    I just watched that clip on Tyra’s website. She is always asking goofy questions. Alicia seems really shy when it comes to her personal life so if she had her spot tickled on her grand she wouldn’t really tell it anyway. As far as her and Krucial if he isn’t her boyfriend then she doesn’t have one. I think they never come out and admit it cause it keeps people talking and guessing. Gay or not home girl looks fly and her career is going well with the #1 album and song in the country!

  • Ashley

    This episode of Tyra airs tomorrow by the way! lol

  • Dr. Scratch n' Sniff

    Well spoken (typed) Ashley…You’re absolutely right, it’s none of our business if she’s a carptet muncher or a semen burper. Btw, are you perchance wearing panties and if so, what color are they? Inquiring pervs want to know.


    I’m sure that one hell of a song would follow that act!

  • ReBeL

    I don’t think Alicia’s Gay….

  • Mrs

    Sounds good to me.

  • Mrs

    Dr Scratch and snifff ew ew ew that’s so nasty

  • Monster

    Love to help her live that dream LOL. I think she may go both ways but who care I’d tap it LOL.

  • John

    I bet Tyra want to feel Alicia up!! Now That would be a fantasy of mine. Tyra, Alicia and me!! OWW

  • Mrs

    Monster, John- settle down boyz! lol

  • boboan

    she is beautiful. It’s said she dated rich guy on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named but it’s not confirmed by her yet.

  • divab84

    LMAO @ this whole topic… A Keys cant win.. She is beautiful just leave the girl alone..

  • Melvin Van Peebles

    All A Keys had to do was call me. I would have made that dream come true in a jiffy! Here’s how my end of the phone call would sound.

    – Hello?

    – A Keys, what’s good?

    – You know, just chillin.

    – Sure, what you need me to help you out with?

    – Yeah, I heard you got one in the living room.

    – Girl, you know you need to stop playing.

    – Hmmm. You got some black boots with high heels?

    – And a fedora?

    – Doesn’t matter. Big brim I guess.

    – Yea, put those on too. I’ll be right there.

    – No, thank you.

    – Alright, See you soon.

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