Barbados is Tired of Rihanna

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The editorial section of a Barbados newspaper put Rihanna on blast today:

I AM TIRED of opening my newspaper to find Rihanna headlines; Rihanna this and Rihanna that. Give it a rest!

People talking about her putting Barbados on the map is nonsense. Barbados was well on the map before she came along; and will be when she is gone. I read a comment written in the DAILY NATION, November 20, about giving her a big welcome each time she comes home. I do not believe she gives her schedules to anyone here, anyway. She comes and goes when she pleases.

All her achievements are hers and I have not seen her do anything spectacular. Where was her donation back in September for the Brittons Hill tragedy? I have nothing against the young woman. More power to her.

But when sensible Barbadians write what to my mind is rubbish in the paper, I feel the need to comment


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  • Tia

    Obviously that was not written by someone from Barbados. Surely a true Bajan would not refer to people from their own country as ‘Barbadians’.

  • MzGapeach

    Damn Rhi rhi

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, interesting article…but true. When I was there in late Sept. I noticed she gets a lot of coverage in the papers. Yeah, it would have been a great humanitarian (and PR) move for her to do something after the Britons Hill tragedy (send condolences, flowers, donation, something). For those of you who don’t know what happened. An house built on a cave or something collapsed and killed an entire family, including small children.

    Rhianna is Bajan, however, in her quest to reach the top, if she appears as though she’s not interested in really “giving back” to her island now that she’s made it big…it can bite her in the ass as well.

    And it doesn’t have to be monetary, maybe an appearance here or there, adopt and support a cause, visit sick kids in QEH, etc…but hey, that’s just the PR professional in me talking. 🙂

  • Whodat


    Barbadians is the correct word for it, so why wouldn’t they use that word?

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    BTW, whose big ashy, bunioned up, corny toes are so prominent in the pic?

  • lisa

    I think Tia does not realize that there is a difference between the word “Barbadians” and “barbarians”.

    Catch a clue Tia!



  • Still laughing at holiday hams

    Is it me or are Rihanna and Jay-z really sharing scarves?

  • BossLady


    Nooooooo. They are Bajans. ‘Baradians’ is just as correct as the term ‘look it’ or ‘skreet’.

  • BossLady


  • BossLady

    And why do we feel as though she must ‘give back’ to Barbados? How many units did she move over there? Who from Barbados even listened to her demo? And who says she doesn’t help? Just because she didn’t give to the Hill tragedy doesn’t mean she doesn’t give back. She just may not have given to that cause. How many African American artists helped Katrina victims. Not just writing a check to a (fraudulent) charity with your name big ass hell so all the world can see. No. I mean rolling up them sleeves and breaking a sweat. Maybe oversee the actual construction of a home? There were a few, but…………………

    Like Kat Williams would say…………

    …………………..I’LL WAIT………….

  • Bonifant

    To those that don’t understand Bajan is slang for Barbadian meaning a citizen/national of Barbados. Its like someone calling you a Yankee. Yankee isn’t wrong but the official non-slang term would be American.

    I mean when there are pics of her walking her dog, eating, cheezing with her dancers and shopping I would get fed up seeing her always splashed across the nations newspaper for trivial stuff too. At least keep it to half a page in the entertainment section. But, thats not Rih’s fault thats the newspaper editor’s fault.

  • BossLady

    @ whodat and anyone else-

    I stand corrected. Bajan and Barbadian are BOTH correct and acceptable. The more common and accepted is term, however, is Bajan. Much love all.


    HAHAHA HILARIOUS!…yet it seems logical!

  • John

    People can say what they want, I’m a grown ass man, I like the girl and her pretty legs. Step on Rih!!

  • boboan

    she looks ugly. It’s said she recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Many men winked at her there.

  • cliff

    that article is right. i love rihanna but shes no big deal in barbados and to bajans. superstars frequent barbados regular and they love the island because no one makes a big deal about them. i read something on concreteloop a while ago about rihanna not feeling love from the bajan community. she needs to get off of her high horse. people in barbados just aren’t gah gah over stars.

  • Jay

    Generally, Bajans among other West Indian small island ppl (including Grenadians…moi hehe), while we may be fans of foreign stars, we jus don’t go crazy ova them. We’ll see u walkin, say hi, ask for yuh autograph, if yuh en waan give it, fine, if u do, it’s all good. we tell u enjoy your stay then go bout our business. U jus anotha human being that is well known and makes ah whole heap ah money doin sumting dat alot ah other ppl can do but jus nuh waan do it. Rihanna should kno that, she be in B’dos alot…why is she whinin bout it?

    Word down there is that Oprah got a house in one of the “rich spots” on this island (Grenada). Now, u would NEVA EVA see editors hidin out inna de bush to see if it’s really Oprah, nor would u EVA see Grenadians flockin to she yard. Ppl may be fans, but we jus don’t go crazy like dat!

  • Lady Architect

    I think some people are just looking for a reason to complain…I personally think she did put barbados on the map as far as producing an artist because in all honesty I never really paid attention to barbados in that way and I’m sure many americans didn’t either…what main stream artist out right now is from barbados or in the past has maide it it to main stream entertainment?…yes underground there are probably many artists from barbados. Also how can you judge her for not giving money…where’s the proof that she didn’t contribute and at the same time where’s your contribution? She’s a child and they spend their money on shoes and things like that.

  • jena 4rm tha block

    Whose elephantiasised up mutated bunion is in the picture, I almost up chucked my breakfast.

  • Kim

    I DON’T BLAME THEM, she is more annoying than beyonce!

  • NoTimeToGaze

    Lady Architect,

    I realize that the USA is a melting pot, and some of you know little about other parts of the world, but come on, and think twice before you broadcast ignorant statements for the entire world to view. People knew of Barbados way before Rihanna got signed to DefJam. SO because she sings and dances and people are sexually attracted to her means that she has done the world for Barbados. There is more to the world than the entertainment game. Rihanna is as good as her publicist and manager. Jay-Z just wanted her to be big. Rihanna is just riding the Beyonce wave, and Beyonce is that big also because of her managament and marketing. Who do you think causes radio airplay, or video airplay to occur- the fans? ha! it’s marketing baby. Anywho, no disrespect but that comment was quite irritating. Did she give barbados reason to be in the spotlight?- then yes.

  • Lady Architect


    Before you get irritated and offended I think you need to read my comment again because I think you read it the wrong way…Notice key words in my comment such as “as far as producing an artist (in the spotlight)” and “I never paid attention to Barbados in that way (as far as music in contemporary fashion)”..yes I know barbados is known for all types of wonderful things…but as far as a mega hit artist in America that was known for being from barbados then no…not the ones that you have found out were secretly from there…so again she put Barbados on the map as far as producing an artist that sings, dances, has men attracted to her, and has become successful in the U.S. which is not easy for many international stars…Shakira did the same thing…yes people knew about her country, but as far as producing a mega hit artist that was successful in America, she put her country on the map for that….so if anything your statement is a bit irritating because you didn’t comprehend anything I said…you just took offense and took it in such a negative way….then tried to correct me when really you should correct yourself.

  • NubianGoddez

    Rassclaat a lot of West Indians on this post lol well let me add my little 2 Jamaican cents. West Indians don’t go crazy over celebrities because at the end of the day, they s*it and piss like everyone else.

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Anyway, who gives a shyt about her and her alien head. I am interested in what the hell is growing on that womans toe. This is what happens when you payless instead of more, lol.

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