Thank God For Toccara

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Put your hands together and pray with us. “Father, we come to you on today to thank you for putting such a splendid creature as Toccara on this earth.  We were not worthy of witnessing such great thickness she put on display at the BET Rip the Runway event.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen.”

Help thyself to an abundance of Toccara, Joy Bryant, Derek Luke, TI, Busta Rhymes and more pics when you…

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  • A screen name is hard to find......and a hard man is good find



    She represents for all THICK women. There is a difference between THICK and BIG!!!!!!

  • you already know

    You know i love me some derek luke with his fina ass. i just saw Made Goes to Jail last night. it is a must see. and Tocarra is so beautiful to me everybody did they thing. I can’t wait to see it on BET. *clap* for everyone.

  • Mean Gurl (Not sayin she's a gold digga but..♥)

    I give Tocarra props, she is definately a gorgeous woman who carries her weight well and in a stylish way.

  • Oshie

    Toccara is still slimmer than the average American woman. Put her on the street and the men will DROP like flies all around her.

  • EECA

    she’s gorgeous

  • Razzell Dazzell

    You go Tocarra…you can’t beat eva the diva, but I love yah just the same.( Just like Eva’s personality better, not that she’s prettier). The colors are splendid on her !

  • Oshie

    Joy Bryant looks good too… mmm… Pocahontas….

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I love Toccarra’s hoodrat ass, she did the damn thang in Italian Vogue!

  • BE

    Toccara takes the fierciest pictures – I love her

    Derek Luke mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

  • MJ

    Sweet Jesus…

  • B

    @ Foxmoor

    “She represents for all THICK women. There is a difference between THICK and BIG!!!!!!”

    …if it makes you feel better…

  • lucy

    She is so hot. I have seen his profile on ____Millionaire Romances com______, she is welcomed by a lot of rich singles and celebs here. She is looking for passion and excitement?

  • Re is excited to see Gambit (X-Men)!

    Tocarra is beautiful, but that leg is one big ham hock…

  • Madame

    love her … can’t wait for the show this year!

  • Oshie

    @ Re: I was just thinking I bet she smells like ham. Weird.

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    Im in straight lust with Derek Luke

  • Re is excited to see Gambit (X-Men)!


    Lol…it’s odd. Clearly Tocarra isn’t a bad looking woman, and she doesn’t look like a slob…for some reason, when someone says “fat” to me, I imagine a sloppy mess…

  • jayjay

    nothing sexy about those legs… shes fat.

  • NYC Gal

    Damn! I thought Toccara had lost weight! Chick do love her meat and potatoes!

  • Amber

    Tocarra has a nice shape but I don’t think she’s that pretty…just me though. The other chicks are fat they are not sexy.

  • Amber

    The one with the white swimsuit is not that bad, her legs are smooth they’re thick but toned. The one in the gold…no she needs to tone up more.


    Toccara’s voice sounds like a harpy giving birth. Just an offensive assault on my eardrums.

  • NB

    She still too big she bog boned and tall she will always seem bigger than average women she towering over bobby v yuck! ALso who keep sinviting joy bryant to events she is so corny. derek luke look like his clothes are too tight and im not feeling keri’s hood look.

  • Amber

    @ NB
    Actually Tocarra is not that big(weight wise)although she is tall about 5’10” the same height as me. The reason she looks so big compared to Bobby V is because he is super duper short like a little woman. He’s only about 5’5″ or even shorter.

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