In White Folks News: Justin Bieber Drops Taylor Swift Diss Song For Effing Up His Relationship With Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber is putting jealous beyotches on blast for breaking up his relationship in his new song…

Justin Bieber Disses Taylor Swift Over Selena Gomez In New Song?

Teeny bopper turned young & thuggin’ pop bad boy Justin Bieber just dropped a new song…and he looks to have dropped a huge hint that it’s a diss record toward his ex boo-thang Selena Gomez’ BFF Taylor Swift.

Taylor has gone on record throwing subliminal shots at the Biebz and indicating that her lil Latina bestie is better off without him, and word on the street is that Justin has had enough.

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Wow! Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s dislike for another has always been simmering just beneath the surface — neither of them have ever really blatantly come out and made their true feelings known. Until Nov. 11, when Justin retweeted a fan tweet that his new song, “All Bad,” was a diss track written about Taylor.

And so the feud rolls on! Justin’s “All Bad” lyrics were transparent enough, but the song’s suspected meaning was all but confirmed by Justin co-signing this tweet:

That’s probably about as close to an actual confirmation as we’re going to get. Especially because Justin pulled his retweet moments later. @IKidrauhlic then decided to stir the pot a little more, tweeting:

Though was there really ever a doubt? A good portion of “All Bad” makes it very clear that Justin is referring to Taylor and how she got in between him and Selena Gomez. Like when he sings:

With his song — and especially with his deleted retweet — Justin has turned up the heat on his feud with Taylor.

Biebz has been pretty public about the fact that he wasn’t too happy that Selena kicked him to the curb, and since Taylor has definitely been all up in the mix, we wouldn’t be surprised if the song was directed towards her. Take a look at a few lyrics from the song, titled “All Bad,” on the flip and decide yourself…

Is Justin firing shots at Taylor talk-a-lot Swift? These lyrics from his new single “All Bad,” are definitely going at someone….

It’s another, if it ain’t one thing
Instigators, like pouring fire on propane
The wrong thing, they be worried about
Ooh, you know females
And how they like to run their mouths

Wanna be, wanna be, just like, talk like, you
(like you) you (like you)
Misery, misery, best company
Don’t let them change your mood

They try to get at me (They try to get at me)
Behind your back (your back, your back)
Tryin’ to tell me that I’m just like the others
But I ain’t all bad

Wanna be, wanna be everything I ought to be to you (to you)
Envy, envy, same thing as jealousy
Jealous of you
That’s what they do

So what’s the verdict, Bossip fam? Is the Biebez giving Taylor Swift a ‘ho sit down’ with this song?



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