Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Kimora Lee Simmons is being sued by Macy’s:

Kimora Lee Simmons overcharged Macy’s for her beauty products and then refused to pay back the extra profit, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Manhattan Supreme Court. In September 2006, four months after Simmons separated from her multimillionaire husband, Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, she signed an agreement to provide Macy’s with her line of cosmetics. But then she allegedly jacked up the price of her beauty products. Simmons declined comment.

We can say that we are not surprised that she’s jacking up prices for some mediocre cosmetics. She probably doesn’t even wear that sh*t herself, better yet, she probably doesn’t even let Ming Lee and Aoki play in that stuff and she’s overcharging Macy’s. The nerve of some people.


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  • scorpio

    could it be? that i’m first?

  • scorpio


    anyway, i love kimora.

  • Lady Architect

    smh…what was the point of jacking up the price?…she must have thought that Macys, who’s been in business for i donno how many years, would actually be stupid and not do research…now she’s gonna have to pay.

  • VISTAfordays

    i say we get Keifer Bonvillain on the case …..

  • hipho

    Wow!!OMG! She is really a hot babe…a sex bomb.A friend there told me that he saw her profile with some her pics on That sounds amazing, she went there for dating hot guys?

  • Lady K

    Like Macy’s wasn’t gonna jack up the price

    Kimora just beat them to it

  • Mocha Thick

    Kimora is my girl. Too bad she’s in this mess. I don’t wear Baby Phat but I don’t want her to suffer.

  • MzGapeach

    Lady Architect

    smh…what was the point of jacking up the price?…she must have thought that Macys, who’s been in business for i donno how many years, would actually be stupid and not do research…now she’s gonna have to pay.



  • dani

    I like Kimora as a sucessful woman..however she is a diva so im not surprised..Baby Phat fashions are a downgrade because of the cheap ass material..sory to say but im being honest;-)

  • ThaBossLadee

    Another day, another dollar

  • Kim

    She looks fab but i dont understand why she sells wack clothes!!! Love her shoes in that pic but i bet they aint babyphat!

  • Tee-Tee

    Baby Phat = Phat Farm = FUBU

  • Fit-n-Fab

    Baby Phat is god-awful ugly. What’s with all the chains on her bags? She definately produces quantity vs QUALITY…it’s garbage!

  • kai

    Lady K I am with you 100 %!! These business are RUTHLESS, you just have to beat them to the punch..

  • neekah

    BabyPhat has gotten downright tacky and cheap looking. As far as the comment about buying it from Marshalls or Burlington Coat Factory instead of Macys or BabyPhat themselves, in all reality it really doesn’t matter. She overcharges for the cheap material she uses and also you should know that Macy’s markup is over 60% so to get it at Marshalls would be a steal. I stopped buying BabyPhat after her her stuff started getting cheesy and tacky looking. My friend bought me that KLS lipgloss bracelet. IT IS SOOOO GAWDY LOOKING!!! I NEVER WEAR IT BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE MR. T JEWELRY!!! Honestly she sells clothing that she herself would never wear (unless it’s a plain BabyPhat tee and jeans). Take a lesson from Gwen Stefani and make quality items Kimora!!

  • John

    I love those well toned legs!! Girl is FINE

  • SheKnowsWhatSheIsDoing

    She didn’t get rich being stupid. She is probably doing with Tommy & the rest of the designers do. Macy’s probably just don’t want to pay her. Go for it Kimora do your thing.

  • HoTcAt

    SMH at the Idjuts tryin’ to get people to visit that doggone meet rich site. Game over, already . . .

  • mzlynbkny

    I think her perfume smells cheap……….It smells like something from Avon. And as for her clothing line I think its immature……I don’t like clothes that have big logos on them I think it takes away from the look!!!!!!

  • Downtown

    Kimora you really need to get at me in let me bless you with a son

  • jo

    Does’nt surprise me Kimora would do that. But half the stuff in stores is not worth what they charge. @Lik Wid Cherry I agree. Her kids r fresh. I stay SMH when I watch Kimora’s show. But they get it from they momma.

  • Tealeaf

    Not shocked, I wonder will blood diamond or Ole man Simmons come to the rescue

  • Bahama Mama

    Some of yall seem to be forgetting that she came into this game as a model NOT a bussiness woman….

  • Bronx Brawler

    What chik still wears Baby Phat?

  • karma

    I don’t rock baby phat but i do like KLS and I watch her show life in the Fab lane. She is a ghetto diva with her five chins on her neck

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