Trinidad James Not Apologizing For NY Comments, “I Don’t Even Consider Myself A Rapper”

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We heard enough to agree. We know you’re not a rapper.

Trinidad James Not Apologizing For NY Comments

Twitter dragged Trinidad for saying the South runs New York and the lyrically-impaired rapper is not backing down.

According to XXL:

“I went back and looked back at what I said out my mouth. I said, “Atlanta runs New York musically.” That’s what I said, word for word. But before I said that, I was talking about the times when us in Atlanta was driving to New York to get the Dipset mixtapes, because New York music was New York music. It was a New York sound.

It’s no way humanly possible that Atlanta could ever run New York. Like I said, this was my first show where I was incorporating my new style of show – we don’t say everything perfectly. I know what I meant and somebody knows me knows what I meant, but somebody who doesn’t know me – and you already have so much animosity toward me because of who I am – is gonna take it some sort of way, so I get it. I’m still not apologizing for anything, but I get why you could be upset.

Honestly, what really sucks is that I do so many positive things, so many things to try to do better. I don’t care nothing about rapping. Period. I don’t even consider myself a rapper at all. I consider myself a person who is out here just to tell you the truth. I’m your dad – that’s how I look at myself. If it comes across as rap to you, then you call it what it is, but I don’t consider myself a rapper. I came into the game thinking I’m in the rap game so I have to be a rapper, but when I really realized who Nick is and who is the person in the mirror, I’m not a rapper. I’m a person who is going to tell you the real. I’m a person who loves doing the shows and entertaining people and making people happy. That’s who I am and that’s who I’m going to be regardless of what anybody says and what anybody thinks.”

At least Trinidad knows he is not a great rapper. We can’t say the same for Miley Cyrus some people.

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