Divorce Drama: Porsha Stewart Says Kordell Has Been Trying To Ruin Her Life Since She Miscarried His Baby

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Kordell really ain’t isht!

Porsha Stewart Says Kordell Is Trying To Ruin Her Life

Porsha recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly where talked more about her failed marriage with shady baller Kordell:

Via Entertainment Weekly reports:

“Well, I did get locked out of my home, which was just horrible. Nobody should have to go through that. You made a place to live, and all of a sudden, when you don’t feel comfortable being there, you get locked out. Bravo did catch that entire process of my things packed up and put out by somebody else and the cameras caught that in real time. So in a practical sense, I literally need to figure out: where am I going to stay, live, and move forward.”

Porsha says she feels Kordell’s incentive to give interviews is to ruin her image and even maintains the loss of their first child is a strong motivator for him to get back at her:

“I didn’t hear the interview, and I really don’t care to comment on anything Kordell has to say. He’s saying it for a reason and wants everybody to think of me in one way. At the end of day, Kordell knew who I was to him and what I did and how I felt about his son. I don’t have to justify that at all.”

“Well, our first year — though we were married for two, it seemed like it was 15, because as a new couple, we went through a lot. I had a miscarriage and major surgery because of fibroids. Through it all, I started to see who Kordell was as a person. We just weren’t really attached to each other emotionally the way we needed to be. That was a sign for me that this isn’t going to be the marriage I pictured.”

Kordell retweeted this message aiming directly at Porsha recently.

If Porsha knew Kordell was emotionally disconnected and an overall bad hubby then why did she stay in her “perfect” little marriage for so long? Hit the flip to see what Kordell had to say about the drama next!


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