Jodeci’s Devante Says: “I’d Punch a Woman Like Anybody Else”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

While bumming it through LAX, Devante got out of pocket about Chris Brown and Rihanna. We couldn’t figure out what was off about him. Is it the sucked in jaws, the baby pony tail, the tat on his face, or his shady ass answers?

Peep the real out of pocket sh*t he says about hitting women when you…

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  • I Love Being Black


  • talinhandsome

    wow. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

  • Chanel Shades

    He gave a decent answer.

  • I Love Being Black

    Tat?!? Looks like someone busted him really good! 😦

  • blaq

    Where have all the real men gone?

  • futuristicbabie

    See Thats why I never like these skinny nasty lookin MF’s in the first place. They beat up on Mary J. Blige..yeah I remember this! I can’t stand them! Y’all are just busted and hurt.

    Oh Go cry me a river.

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  • futuristicbabie

    I’m rasing mine to be real. F this.

  • I Love Being Black

    [on hittimg women] “They (women) want equal rights, Imma treat ’em equally…but I don’t hit women”

    Ladies, be careful…

  • I Love Being Black

    opps *hitting*

  • GET OVER iiT!!!


  • http://Bossip ***AKeys* is down with O.P.P


  • talinhandsome

    (cont)….u know it’s sad 2 know that we still living in a day and time when “washed up” R&B groups/singers think putting their hands/fists on a WOMAN is “cool”…

    …i wish a *igga WOULD put his hands on either of my daughters…

  • Blogger X

    To be honest bossip. Anyone who speaks and has sat through a tattoo artist inking their faces up for life should never be taken seriously.

    I remember when he was a superstar now he’s walking around with a ‘spit’ ponytail in his hair talking outta the side of his neck.

    If you have to put your hands on HIM/HER you don’t need them.

  • I Love Being Black

    @ charlieblanko

    Fix it up by saying, “I don’t hit women.” With that said, I don’t think he would hesitate about hitting a woman, given that situation occured.


    humm i don’t agree but i can understand his answers. If a women was coming at you with a knife or a gun obviously you would try to defend yourself. But the way he said it sounds really bad.

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    what the hell devante, the first time i see u in a long time u got a daym ponytail on the top of ur head….thats my concern…

  • c from stl

    the sad part is that I actually used to crush on this fool something terrible back in the day…smh

  • Boston George

    IS it just me or does Devante look like Paul Pierce with a baby pony tail and on crack of course….lmao

    Get that 8ball cracking with KC and hit the studio niggaz….we r waiting!!!!

  • enlight

    ok who knows what devante would do but he DID SAY he dont believe in hitting women but if one came at him that way, he would….as in self defense. I dont know why some of yall trippin b/c if you were a teacher and a student came at you, you say you would ‘defend’ yourself against the student….so why would a woman get a free pass to hit on men, taking advantage of the fact that men shouldnt hit women. And I need Bossip to figure out who they with….first yall said people were riding on Chris, now that includes YOU….i mean, if yall got some definitive answers on what went down, please share the facts…..otherwise, can we reserve judgment until we all have the facts?!

  • *Treasure*

    What the hell happened to him? He used to look alright back in the day. His hair look like he was dressed in drag the night before and in the morning he decided to dress like a man and remove the yacky ponytail from his head. His face tatt is hideous. His answers are foolish and inarticulate. Being young is no excuse for abuse.

  • Ara

    Women need to be more selective when picking your men, take time to know him.

  • MarkH320

    You couldn’t put it any better.

  • tuttuttutty

    there’s a double standard in everything…

    a man shouldnt hit a woman at all, and women shouldnt hit on men… no one “REALLY” knows what caused the Chris/RiRi incident to occur, so everything is still sketchy to me….

    I do believe if a woman hit a man she deserves the same in return… point, blank, period….

    dont dish out what you cant take in

  • kval2007

    ok all yall need to stop getting mad at devante swing. The man who is the most productive producer ever. He said the right thing. If somebody comes at him and threatens his life he would hit that person like he would hit anybody. He didn’t beat up mary j blige. Whoever said that is an idiot. Wow Big time idiot. Jodeci 4 Life

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