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Newly rumored couple Common and Serena Williams were spotted recently together in London. Peep Serena’s tights and Common’s extra glossy lips.

Fill in the Blank: Common and Serena probably just finished _________________.

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  • lacyd

    She gotta hole in her tights??? Who knows what they just finished doing. But whatever it was, I hope they enjoyed it. Both look tired as hell!!!

  • LeeLee

    Wow, her tights are very suspect, lol

  • Savions Meiler

    michelle, go sit down, you ain’t first and then there’s this pic .. so much more to the story, i’m sure .. we just got the tail end of their wild night .. i can only imagine ..

  • Maestro

    Big up Common,Big up London Town

  • Misspetite82

    ^^^ ya’ll are losers LOL anyways I am glad because I love Jackie Long and I really couldn’t imagine him with her manly ass anyways!!

  • wtf


  • Maestro

    ^^^Big up Common Haters,My Boy taking the world by storm so keep hating

  • Just a thought...

    I thought Serena was dating that Long guy?

  • nahnah

    y she gotta be a man? just cuz y’all puny as hell doesn’t mean she’s a man.

  • TXbred

    Respect to Common, live the dream homie! Kerry Washington, Serena…. life’s good!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Damn, Serena getting all the buns lol.

  • Say What?

    He just finished taking a trip down town and ripped the tights while trying to get to the cooch. LOL

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    After whatever they just finished doing she should have thrown those tights in the trash and fixed those lips so that she would look for the razzis’ that she knew would hiding out somewhere.


    Beat it out the frame Common !!!

  • momo

    Oh man!!! I really love her and Jackie Long as a couple. They looked so good together….

    Oh well. Now that she is with common. Wow, two fine people. I hope they have a good time rumping and rolling. Gosh I love black love.

    Come to think of it, these too look so good together too.

    Serena is really getting the brotha’s boy!!!! Now they are really appreciating that hot body of hers. Plus lately she has been look sooooooo hot in general. Good luck guys.

  • Licia

    A hole in both knees, huh? Wow! Dare I say it? I don’t know….I have fallen with tights…But never once did I get a hole, big assed hole, in both knees…



  • txshawty

    {looking at Serena’s right and left knees}

    Exhibit A and B….why I no longer wear stockings. They just too ‘holier than thou’ for me.

  • Tealeaf

    So did Jackie get kicked to the curb

  • Soulbrotha#9

    Who knows maybe she almost got shot in the kneecap in a driveby.

  • The Goddess

    OOOOOOO! I guess when the mood strikes you…..

  • txshawty

    WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I am so slow…I didnt’ even correlate the holes in her tights with Common! lol! I’ll just blame being dropped a couple-uh times as a baby, lol! Smh

  • God Body Ricky Allah

    It’s obvious folks… they were choreographing common’s next video and she was doing knee spins.

  • Truth B. Tohld

    A good old fashion f*cking on the rug…

  • M. DOT


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