*Exclusive* Studio News: Mario’s “And Then There Was Me”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Yesterday, Bossip caught up with Mario to discuss his new album and he gave Bossip an exclusive first listen to his recently titled “And Then There Was Me” jawn. Certified hitmaker, Sean Garrett, gave hit two cents:

Sean G: This is 2009. This where we’re really starting to show people what we’re really made of. Me and Bangladesh just had our 14th #1 record, Beyonce “Diva”. This record that we’re doing for Mario is really going to show people who he really is. This is gonna show people the swag he really has.

Pop the hood to see plenty more Sean Garrett (sans the glasses), Bangladesh, Mario’s “sang face” and more music news when you

Sean G: He particularly has been the kind of artist that’s been obedient to the record label to give them an opportunity to express their opinions. He’s done that, so now he’s doing him.

Mario: The album is called “And Then There Was Me”. It’s about growth and it’s about showing people who I really am. It’s not just about the me, personally. My fans deserve that. The music business deserves that. It’s an introspective album; I’m putting it out there. I’m still a young man. I’m 22 years old, so I’m not trying to get too deep with it. But, it’s really about making records that are gonna be around twenty years from now. It’s slated to drop in June.

Bossip: What’s the first single?

Mario: The first single is called “Break-up”.

Bossip: Is it a club song or a slow song?

Mario: It’s a little bit of everything on this record. That’s why I love it. Sean is like a brother to me. He knows me. So, when he did this record, he was definitely thinking about me. It’s a club record and every man has experienced this situation before. It’s like…why would you want to break up with me when you gon’ get the same thing with the next man. But, he ain’t gon do it as fly as I can. I can’t wait to perform it. It’s going to be a movie. Look for the movie! We’re not calling this a single or a video, we’re calling it a movie.

Sean G: We ain’t shooting no more scenes, you gotta start shooting movies if you want people to believe what you feel.

Bossip: What collabos are on the album?

Mario: Right now we have Luda. We have somebody special that might jump on it, but I have to get that confirmed first before I can name them.

So…who’s checking for Mario’s album?

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  • Whatev!

    1st 🙂

  • hello goodbye


  • Just Sayin

    I might have to get this CD cause I have been hearing a lot of good buzz about it!

  • Nigga Said


  • Just Sayin

    Yo will get even more fans now that CB is in hot water.

  • http://yahoo MOP

    I’m tired of that Mario Lopez ad.

  • Marry-O

    I LOVE MARIO.. he has so much talent!! YUMMY

  • Blogger

    Mario is an amazing young man. Besides his talent he is the rock of his family. He seems to be compassionate, understanding and supportive of his recovering mom. I wish him ‘cross-over’ success, if that’s what he wants.

  • leogame

    1st 10

  • I Love Being Black

    He’s cool.

  • MARio is sooo UNDERATED! 2009 Get EM!

    Not only is he sexy…he is talented!…a very soulful voice…hope he’s given the chance this time around!


    I could have my three year old cousin bang some pots together in the kitchen and it’ll sound more harmonious than ‘Diva.’ That song was garbage. Who the hell would wanna take responsibility for that?

  • onda runakind!sah dah tay!

    u could fit asia Minor and Canada up in bruh’s nostrils! dayum! betta 2 sing with!

  • lucy

    He is so handsome, and I like him very much, I have seen him on
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  • statim08

    He’ll be lucky to sell gold.

  • ME ME ME

    @Nigga Said

    thats mean 😦

  • ashton

    bye bye chris..hello mario!!

  • missJ

    I love me some Mario… mmmm grown and sexy

  • marlow


    Completely agree. That piece is pure shite. Mario’s stuff is cute, but like he said “not too deep.” I liked him when he dropped “Just a Friend” so more of the same he’s been doin will be probably be hot.

  • marlow

    @Just Sayin/ashton

    haha you know that fool’s gonna do anything he can to keep in the game. hopefully he’ll get a big fat cold shoulder from the rest of the industry. him and his bullshit apology need to do some hard time. maybe one day he’ll grow from a weak little bitch into a real man. 19 is more than old enough to have some restraint in an argument.

  • no

    aint dis man grown up yet loool every year the same cry “oh im a grownin boy”

  • r.

    Your new album will your best work. U will make it happen!

  • Kerryann

    i have all 3 albums and so far he hasn’t disappointed me..i’m looking forward it!!

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