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We were part of GQ’s ‘The Verge 25’ in the December issue. GQ’s Will writes:

I like the web site gossip site about black celebrities. The tone is the familiar snark, but it’s funnier than any of the other sites. And they play favorites in a great way; some people are clearly marked targets, while others catch a lot of breaks.

Sample headlines from today: “Did Rihanna Gank Ciara’s Dog Swag?” And “Eddie Murphy Would Want To Hit This.”

With over 3 million monthly unique visitors, we are really starting to make it rain on them hoes. A lot of major magazines can’t really fu*k with Bossip’s reach and influence.

Thanks to all the Bossip fam for the support. Peep the scans below.

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  • HdubNdaBridge

    1st snitches!!!!

  • TT

    @ ‘Snickers’….u r taking up the same amount of space as those claimin their position


  • Ana

    Congrats for the mention in GQ, but in my opinion C&D have you tied for who’s funniest.

  • IBW-Ideal Black Woman

    I like ya but some of the stuff ya be posting be getting on my nerves and is so irrelevant but I still like the site.

  • So-So

    I agree, Ana and Whatchaknoaboutdat?

  • John

    Congrats to bossit but who is C&D???????

  • Sharice

    Why does a blog so large and WHITE OWNED have to steal from smaller blogs then?

  • Alana

    You guys make me laugh just like the fool that runs mediatakeout! Keep up the laughs.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    CNN BREAKING NEWS: Redskin Sean Taylor dies

    RIP and condolences to his family!!

  • TT

    @ ‘Snickers’

    I said that to tell you that you are takin up the same amount of space posting a comment about people reppin their position as those just reppin. Just scroll past it or are u just that anal???……..thats what I am saying

  • offwhite

    i mean, of course yall are getting much play in white media. Your white! please prove to me that your not white and i will apologize for the accusations. but until then, just stop trying to be so one sided. fair and balanced, thats all we ask for.

  • shootalltheuglymen

    congrats Kayne and condolensces on your mom, I’ll save the ugly jokes.

  • noelle

    I THINK he wears eyeliner

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