Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Allows Her Father To Walk Her Down The Aisle 6 Years After He Raped Her

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This brave young woman tells the story of being raped by her father before requesting his presence at her wedding

Woman Allows Father Who Raped Her To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Could you still allow your father to walk you down the aisle at your wedding after he raped you as an a teenager? This young woman did….and here’s her story.

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I was only a child when my fixation with creating the perfect picture began. I would watch as my father, a freelance photographer, created works of art out of imperfect people through still photos. At thirteen, I’d wanted to have my own portraits taken. One Saturday, while my mother was at work, my father set up the photo shoot in our dining room, took a few pictures of me and called it a success. Then he said extra shots were needed in his bedroom. Then he raped me.

A week later, I told my mother what my father had done to me and she confronted him. He denied it at first but later confessed. The three of us went to see a therapist together and she concludeded that my father was sorry, he would not hurt me again and that keeping our household “stable” was the best way for us to heal. Afraid to be alone, my mother agreed. So we continued to live together as one of the few nuclear African American families in our neighborhood–a pretty picture.

Unfortunately for this now 24-year-old young woman, this wasn’t the last time her sorry excuse for a father tried to force himself on her. Hit the flip to read what happen the next time, along with what led her to allow him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

I was sixteen when my father tried again.

All of my friends were getting their driver’s licenses and I wanted one too, so when he caught me in my towel on the way to the bathroom, he bargained with me. “Just leave the door cracked when you shower. I want to watch you while you lather up. Then I’ll let you practice driving in my pickup truck.”

I charged at him with the intent to kill, but my towel fell down. Afraid of him seeing me, I ran to my room hysterically crying, locked the door and called a friend to come get me. When my mother returned from work and asked me what happened, my friend said, “He tried it again and she’s leaving with me.”

I left home for three months, only returning for clothes every couple of weeks. Six years after my father raped me, I asked him to walk me down the aisle.

What a horrible experience for this woman to have to live with for all of those years..SMH.

Would you still let your father be apart of your wedding day? You can read the rest of her story, which includes the unfortunate turn that the woman’s relationship with her husband took as a result of her father’s unthinkable act, HERE.


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