Can’t Get Right: Crack Rock Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Beat The Brakes Off His Wife While Slizzard And High

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He beats and then eats it??

Rob Ford Allegedly Beat His Wife

Via Raw Story reports:

The evolving madness of the Rob Ford drug scandal in Toronto appears to have pushed one local newspaper to publish the contents of police reports editors have been sitting on for months, ostensibly in the interest of protecting the Ford’s children from harm.

The police reports, according to to the Toronto Star, show a pattern of police contact with Rob Ford’s wife Renata Ford that may be evidence of domestic abuse.

In one report, which Star columnist Rosie DiManno carefully notes hasn’t been proven in court, police responded to an argument between Renata Ford and a cab driver. “The mayor’s wife was slurring her words and belligerent with the driver, police sources have told the Star. She either refused to pay the fare or did not have the money. Their argument became so heated that the cabbie called for police assistance. When cops arrived, they observed that Mrs. Ford had bruises and cuts to her limbs and face that appeared to be a few days old. But, when asked about it, she refused to say how the injuries had been suffered. She was, in fact, too incoherent to say much of anything — either inebriated or on drugs.”

The Star had chosen not to publish the reports earlier because they believed the mayor’s spouse was not someone in the public eye and was entitled to privacy. “Nobody here had any stomach for expanding the scandal engulfing Toronto’s mayor to encompass his family, thereby causing harm, particularly to the couple’s two young children.”

But recent events such as Rob Ford’s public admission to using crack cocaine and driving drunk prompted editors to change their mind.

Renata Ford’s recent travails include enduring discussion about allegations of Rob Ford’s sexual indiscretions with an aide and the alleged use of prostitutes. She appeared with him Friday at a press conference moments after he made graphic comments about their sex life while denying that he had made sexual advances toward a staffer.

Minus the domestic violence issue and crack use, you gotta love Rob Ford!

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