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Vivica Fox was photographed in Beverly Hills yesterday nicely wearing a hat to cover up her little hairline issue.

Hopefully there will be a seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm so we can see Vivica get some more play as Loretta Black on the hilarious HBO sitcom.

Image via WENN

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  • MzGapeach

    I wonder what she was saying

  • Bahama Mama

    Looks like SOMEONE had a lil too much Patron!!! or something


    4th…. And I LOVE this B*ITCH…SO STOP HATIN!!!!!!!!

  • Buttafly

    She looks terrible. That’s what plastic surgery will do to ya when you get old.

  • John

    @jay. I agree. The woman look OK to me

  • justme

    she is in great shape, but her face is all jacked up! what is with black celebs getting sooo much plastic surgery! i wuz lookin at salt and peppa last night, and they looks sooo different smh

  • jen

    Does anyone care. evertime they show a picture of her she is wasted.

  • jen

    @justme Just Pepa looks different Salt is aging gracefully. Pepa has some serious issues she clearly puts her beauty be 4 her kids her sons hair was an absolute mess!!!

  • jcc

    What kind of surgery that Vivica Fox have?

  • hipho

    She is really stunning… She looks so hot in that pictures. BTW, have u guys seen her on a millionaire site .I heard of this around the internet.

  • Kim

    What is up with this dating website thing!

  • Kim

    I love Viv so stop hating, what did she do to you guys is it because she got fiddy before you guys!!!

  • wtf

    One question, why is she wearing a sweat suit with clogs?

  • tiray

    ^^cause she wants to ^^^

  • shesofine

    GROSS!!! She’s a real old lady that still wishes she was 45

  • Lik_Wid_Cherry

    She looks high as hell.

  • Datgirl

    I like her sweatsuit.

  • lady

    i am a vivica fan…but it looks like she got that sweatsuit from Fashion Cents.

  • Teeza

    Vivica Fox was in some play in Downtown Oakland (Paramount Theatre). I was with my home girl having lunch at Jack Bistro, ol’ girl (Vivica)walks through Jack London square looking a hot boo-boo mess. She was wearing this super tight white sweat suit, hella make-up and her hair line was so far behind her ears…it was sad. She used to be so pretty.

  • leave it be

    awww vivie!!!! i was watching booty call this morning…listerine was tryna get it!!!!!lol!!!

  • dontCHAknooow..

    ^^^ hahaha!

    Damnit mine Eeeeeyes!

  • ~

    Her “little hairline issues.” Ya’ll crazy, SMDH.

  • leave it be

    dontcha….what you know about them qoutes???lmao! that movie is a TRIP!

  • blakout

    I think you are mistakin.

    Isn’t that the RZA from WuTang Clan?

  • scorpio

    AHAHHAHAHAHHAA the rza. ha!!!

    and yo, what’s up with the clogs for real!

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