Poor Thang: Porsha Stewart Admits She Faked Happy Marriage With Ex-Baller Kordell To Stay On RHOA

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The money must have made things easier too

Porsha Stewart Admits She Faked Happy Marriage Kordell

Porsha Stewart was once known as the RHOA star that had the “perfect” life but she now admits the whole thing was fake! The Atlanta socialite talked to cast-mate Kandi about her recent divorce to Kordell Stewart:

“With him I don’t want to hate him because for some crazy reason I do still love him. I need closure. Right now it’s like somebody has died and you can’t find their body so you can’t have closure.

“Divorces feel like a death in the family. Every time I drive to my attorney’s office, it’s like I’m driving to a funeral. Over and over and over because it feels it like the ending to something I wanted for the rest of my life.”

Porsha later admits she faked a happy marriage for the cameras:

“When I was married, I held that flag of being a wife so strong. And for me I felt like if I told the girls exactly what was going on, they would say ‘I told you so.’ And then it would make me feel like everything I was doing was wrong. And I did not want to have a group of women judge me and my household because everything I did as a wife, everything I did as a mother, I meant it. “

Like a good friend, Kandi reassures Porsha that she will be able to move on to a new baller in no time!

“You’re young, y’all didn’t have any children together. And he really showed you an awful side of him. This way you can break away and keep it moving and you don’t have any attachments to him. You’re young, you’re good looking. You can catch somebody else that will treat you right, love you very well.”

It’s hard to feel sorry for Porsha when she knowingly stayed in a bad marriage for the sake of being on a reality show. Do you feel bad for the fraudy bird??

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