Race Themed Trilogy: Morris Chestnut Confirms Third Installment Of ‘Best Man Holiday’ Is On Its Way!

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‘Best Man Holiday’ is a huge success!

Morris Chestnut Confirms Third Installment Of The Best Man

Los Angeles Times reports:

“The Best Man Holiday” received a coveted average grade of A+ from moviegoers, according to market research firm CinemaScore. That means it joins an elite club of films that have enjoyed long and fruitful box office runs, including “Argo,” “42,” “The Help,” “The King’s Speech,” “The Blind Side” and “Titanic.”

Going into the weekend, the distributor of “The Best Man Holiday,” Universal Pictures, projected that the film would take in a modest $17 million, while prerelease audience surveys indicated the film would start off with around $23 million.

“There’s no crystal ball in guessing this stuff,” said Nikki Rocco, Universal’s president of distribution. “It was fair to think this film— where 87% of the audience was African American—would open in the high teens.”

That it nearly doubled that estimate is “a phenomenal result,” said Rocco. “I would never have thought in my most non-lucid moment to expect this — the picture only cost $17-million.”

Thanks to the A+ CinemaScore, Rocco says she believes the film will eventually reach a broader audience.

“The Best Man Holiday,” which trounced all expectations to debut with a studio-estimated $30.6-million.

Morruis Chestnut recently stopped by the Rave Cinemas in Baldwin Hills and chatted with moviegoers about a possible third installment of the hit movie:

[The director] is already breaking down storylines for my character in the [next] movie so I already know what will happen.

Are you looking forward to another installment of ‘The Best Man??’


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