Poor Thang: Breezy Sings About His Failed Relationship With Rih-Rih In New Mixtape Song “Love 2 Remember?”

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Breezy lays it all on the track…..again

Chris Brown Sings About Failed Relationship With Rihanna On New Mixtape?

Chris Brown might be home from anger management rehab and back coupled up with Karrueche at present, but from the sounds of his latest music, he’s still feeling some type of way about calling it quits with Rihanna.

Breezy recently released his “X Files” mixtape and one song in particular titled “Love 2 Remember” has fans and critics reading between the lines. Ironically enough, the opening line in the song features Chris singing about how he wants to make peace with a woman whom things have gone sour with along with him insisting that he’s “been good to her.”

I’m tryna make peace babe, these tears run down my face. So I close my eyes, but we both cry. And you say this is it baby baby.  She said she tired of my s**t, she wanna quit. The funny thing, I’ve been good to her.  Not doing s**t.

But she think that I’ve been f**king with Keisha – Latoya and Lisa, Dea and Diane, Nicki and Amber.

Got to be out of your damn mind!

He then goes on sing about the woman saying she needed space and him turning to alcohol to cope with the pain of losing her. Sound familiar?

Tell me what am I supposed to do. There’s something wrong, I feel it too. Before we used to see each other, now you wanna talk about space – you’ve changed.
You wanna leave me but you can’t tell me.

Why do we argue! Why do we scream!

I wish it was better, I don’t want you to leave. So sick & tired of drinking this bottle. Contemplate, and I feel overdosed, I think that one shot will stop the pain.

Depending on when Breezy penned this song, it could have been about Rih OR Karrueche….but  it’s no secret that he is known for recording & releasing songs about his life struggles while he’s still in the midst of them.

You can take a listen to the full song below.

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