Learn Something: 10 Common Phrases You Didn’t Know Were Racist

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10 Phrases You Didn’t Know Were Racist

It’s America. Everything here has a racist history. It’s a common dilemma that everything you say may be offensive to people. Well, these are just some examples thanks to the folks at Business Insider. Check out these phrases with racist pasts.

The itis – It stems from “n****itis,” an idea that you get lazy like Black people after eating.

Uppity – We all probably know this: a Black person who doesn’t know his or her place.

The Peanut Gallery – This originally refers to the section in the olden theaters where Black people would sit.

Gyp – This means to get over on someone in an agreement…but it is short for “gypsy,” and derogatory.

Paddy Wagon – It’s in reference to drunk Irishmen in the early 1900s who filled up the back of police cars.

Bugger – Long story short: this is in reference to Bulgarian sodomites originally.

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    Hooligan – It started at “Hoolihan,” which is a common Irish nickname, but it turned to hooligan.

    Eskimo – It translates to “eaters of raw meat,” which is used to define all the native Americans in Alaska.

    Sold Down The River – The phrase generally means to be betrayed but it refers to slaves being sold down the river. Yikes.

    Eenie Meenie Miney Moe – The song says “catch a tiger by its toe” but the real song is to catch a n-word by its toe.

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