Coco’s Cakes on Display…Again

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Coco’s cakes were not sent from heaven, but from Ice-T’s pimp vault. We really commend Ice-T for either being so stupid, or so confident, as to let men around the world fantasize and place her in different sexual positions in their minds. Thanks Ice.

Pop the thang to see more of your favorite snow bunny:

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    WHY? Are her arms so short? WHY? Is she a dwarf?

  • Dana Dane


  • Dana Dane

    Damn it NiKKI

  • Dana Dane

    You kno what now that u mention it, I think she is!!!

  • Inner Beauty Movement

    “Pimp Vault” I like it… Not that I would live in one, but I would occasionally drink outta the magical pimp cup while inside of the vault. The pics remind me of a strip club poster. If you buy fantasy I guess this is worth the admission…I guess?

  • Nigga Said

    I like that raise the booty in the air and support your weight on your neck pose. That’s that “I’m coming, don’t move your mouth” pose.

  • Toxicity

    she’s the BMW

  • drewzee23

    Dana Dane, is your gravie a joke?



  • DK

    okay her cakes are fake and all, but how did she get it? are those butt implants or fat from her gut-to-butt? cuz honestly, if i wouldn’t have seen the before pics, i would believe her body was real cuz it looks like real fat around her ass.

    *sigh* brazillian fat grafting should be a staple for ALL women

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    @Nigga Said:

    LOL….you are crazy! Now you know that applies to men too..:)

    Dont move a muscle…

    Anywho…*hand over mouth* these positions have to be like the illest positions known to man. I have NEVER seen another female pose like this. Not in Maxim. Not in Playboy. Not never *katt williams voice*


    But Ice-T is pimpin, since pimpin, since pimpin, been pimpin this slut. I know some dudes right now around my way that would make MAD money off this broad. And so would I! lol

    I’m charging $250 a stroke….and thats with a hand only.

    I know some white corporate exes who would pay gladly….to boot, with OUR taxpayer money!

  • Kevin

    I never even realized she had arms

  • Brook Lynn Choclate Goddess (Loving this Bey Post!)

    Whooo Hoo, Thats a Bad Azz Bytch!!!! My Brothers love her so dearly, get it girl…

  • Hotstuff

    fake or not, her body is amazing

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    So……I’m keeping tabs now.

    If I see a post up here about:
    -Lola Luv or any other chick out here flaunting their bodies to get what they want….

    …I bet not see NO posts trying to throw salt in fresh water, feel me? Yeah, I’m not the Bossip Admin, but I dont think some folks realize they are hypocrites.

    We shower this broad with love and grace for cocking her legs up and showing her pussy print, but when Lola Luv or some other no name broad does the same exact thing, the bitch is a ho. She should have more respect for herself. She should go to school.

    Look what happened on Deelishis post. Mad people talking about her.

    But isnt Coco doing the SAME thing?

    If not, whats the differentation?

  • jb_1030

    The difference is that white people can do stuff that blacks dont.

    White girls can dye thier hair all sorts of colors and get called weird or that they are expressing themselves, but when black girls do it they are called ghetto

    White boys can sag even in skinny jeans and called a skater, black guys do it and they are called thugs

    Black guys date white girls theya re called a sell out, black girls do it and it’s nothing

    White girls get weaves and its nothing but hair extensions, black women do its teh biggest joke around.
    Gucci Mane punches a girl in the face and people laugh, but Chris Brown does it and everyone wants his head on a platter

  • jb_1030

    I wonder what Ice-T or Reggie would do if they walked in a friend’s room and they were beating the meat to thier pic? Does any of Reggie’s team mates have her calender in their locker? Or anyone on Law and Order have a pic of Coco in thier dressing room?

  • told you so

    OH my MFG!!!
    Why is this picture not on the front page?
    I don’t give a damn what chicks, ni@@as or anybody else has to say. That chick’s body is bananas!
    Damnit Ice-T for make’n the baddest white chick in the game.

  • GGooDie


  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Coco…I used to hate on the bitch, but she’s obviously down for her man and they’ve been together for a minute and I can appreciate that. Yes the woman was built practically using Legos or some other plastic supplement, but that doesn’t mean the end result isn’t nice. I wouldn’t go that route…but then I’m not an assless bologna colored Albino. If I were, I might reconsider my stance.

  • told you so

    why is this chick still on page 2. why arent the haters bumping this to page 1.

  • Sound of Reason

    She is looking good, remind me of myself, soaked in chocolate!!!

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    @told you so:

    I’m reaching, but, maybe because if we’ve seen one ass and tits, we’ve seen ’em all??

    It’s really nothing new.

  • told you so

    @Dirty Harriet
    At my job its all guys all day and lots of stress…this helps to pass the day. humor me please

  • Megan

    She is hot and sexy. She even uploaded her private sexy photos and videos at the millionaire & celebrity dating club
    ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____. She has a personal account there. She drives lots of guys crazy.

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