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Black Cops Accuse Black Police Chief Of Discrimination

Four African-American police officers claim they have experienced discrimination from their Chief, who is also African-American. Less than one week following Police Chief Ron Davis’ departure from his position last month to take on a higher profile one in D.C., the African-American police officers filed a racial discrimination complaint against him.

Via Black Blue Police:

The complaint was made on Nov. 1. It alleges Davis, who is African-American, is responsible for creating a hostile work environment for employees who are also African-American.

The officers behind the complaint are Sgt. Roderick Norris and Renaldo Rhodes, and Officers Paul Norris and Paul Hines. In it they state, ”His temperament toward African-American employees is abrasive, belittling and dismissive.” The officers said Davis showed his bias against African-Americans regularly; in his hiring, promotions and assignments.

Assistant city manager for human resources Barbara Powell along with City Council members was the first to receive the complaint.

According to Powell, the complaint is not to be discussed because it is considered to be a ”confidential personnel matter.” However, she also said that action will be taken.

“The city takes this very seriously, and the city will be following up on it,” said Powell.

Davis has been silent on the matter thus far. Officers Hines and Norris are both on leaves of absence, according to the receptionist at the police department.

The complaint is not empty of examples. The officers point to several in their three-page letter to Powell. They claim these examples directly show Davis’s racial discrimination. The examples, include African-American senior officers being constantly looked over for sergeant positions, there being not one African -American detective in the investigation unit, and from the dates of 2005 to 2013, only one African-American office has been added to the force.

To add insult to injury, Davis is also being accused of treating African-American women unfairly. Shortly after his arrival in 2005, the complaint alleges that Davis had the African-American secretary that he was assigned transferred to another city. Also, Davis allegedly hired two African-American women since his time as chief, but both are no longer with the department. One woman resigned and the other was transferred. Their reasoning, allegedly, has to do with the terrible treatment they received while working with Davis.

That’s not it.

The complaint also alleges that in 2011, Davis was informed by an African-American sergeant that another officer within the department had posted the “n-word” on his page. Davis reportedly ignored it. When the sergeant was then attacked by the officer and his friends, Davis still did nothing.

“The examples that have been cited are a minute glimpse into the ongoing suffering endured by African American employees since Chief Davis took over the department,” the complaint reads.




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