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Posted by Bossip Staff

Tyra & co. are on some new ish for the next season of ANTM:

America’s Next Top ModelFor the first time in Top Model history, Tyra Banks announces that girls must be 5’7″ and under in order to become America’s Next Top Model.

After 12 cycles of a minimum height requirement of 5’7” – matching the industry standard – Banks and the casting director of The CW’s hit reality series America’s Next Top Model are searching the U.S. for females, ages 18 to 27, of diverse backgrounds, shapes, sizes and with a height requirement of 5’7” and under.

“There have been top supermodels in the past that weren’t as tall as the industry demands, like fashion icon Kate Moss,” said Banks. “So we are changing up ‘Top Model’ for cycle 13 and making it a year for the shorter model!”

This should be interesting. At the very least we’ll get a laugh out of 5head’s amazon ass looking like Dorothy kickin’ it with the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz.


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  • Marquis de Sade


  • leogame3


  • leogame3

    @Marquis de Sade

  • noone atall


  • Lauren the Lurker

    Um, that’s retarted Tyra, NEXT! Nobody is checkin for ya show, I’m all for the black woman getting ahead and all and I would LOVE to support you in this one Tyra but you have got it all wrong! Looking for a short model? WTF? I don’t get it…won’t be watching ANOTHER season…SMH

  • jb_1030

    A midget top model? Walking downt he yellow brick road with Heidi the Good Witch of the West. THis is so hilarious. SHe needs to try and boost up the so called top models she has already picked. i haven’t seen any of them doing anything major.

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    That sounds silly…

    But can I do it?! I’m 5″2!!!!!

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    Nevermind…I have too much hip and cellulite to be accepted…

  • Boss Chick

    @ Re…I happen to like BattleStar Galactica, well she said all sizes im a 13 but I know I can rock the camera and the runway but I wont do it cause as soon as Tyra say something crazy to me I won’t bite my tounge!

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    Shiidd, I would do it! Good as my ass is only 5’3″!!!

    Besides, in this economy I’m looking for some ways to earn extra cash. 🙂

    It would be interesting only because I’ve seen some really pretty girls who could be models but their height was holding them back.

    Might be good.

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    @Dirty Harriet…

    We should do it!

    @Boss Chick

    Really?! People look at me crazy when i mention that…

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)


    We should…:)

    Girl…wouldnt it be crazy if all us from Bossip auditioned and like 70% of the females made it? That house would be a RIOT!!!! LOL

    And somebody would be going home for telling off extraterrestial. lol

    T.B. phone home…….*laughing*

    @Boss and Re……you know what? I’ve seen that show but I never got into it really. I would always fall asleep….:(

    Is that the show similar to Star Trek, but weirder? Star Trek was (and still is) my shit! But the ole skool one with William Shatner.

  • What????

    Sounds like a great opportunity. I hope the show works out.

  • told you so

    I can’t wait for that to come to my town. Under 5’7 means they likely have some curves.

  • Lil_MaMa

    OMG…I can do it!! Im only 5’0! Too bad I live far from all the cities tho! lol

  • A Boss

    Hayle yeah yall should do it! Man Im all over this, I am going to try out!

    I’ve got just as much confidence, personality, body and looks as the next 5’7ner does lol

  • jb_1030

    @ Re:

    Girl Battlestar Galatica was the ish back in teh day. I have not watched the new ones. BUt Starbuck was fine as hell and Apollo.

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    @Dirty Harriet

    LOL! That WOULD be crazy. I bet none of them would be as mean and rude as they are on here…I wish I could do stuff like that…but I’m trying to graduate, and I am NOT about to pause to fly somewhere and try my luck just for an audition. Maybe if I had nothing to do…

    As for Battlestar Galactica…LOL! Girl, Star Trek would make me sleepy, cause they’re always walking around a ship…Battlestar is more intriguing to me. Think of it like this: The branches of the military have an extra branch in space…weird, huh? So anyway, their planet was nuked by a rebel race, and the survivors board onto a couple of carrier ships…along with the battlestar, which is like the military. The point is that they are in search of finding a place to land…called Earth.

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica


    Really? I heard of the older version, but I don’t know if I was even a sperm cell/egg at that time…Starbuck now is not so hot though, lol.

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    I want her to have an an All-Male season. Tired of looking at these chicks. I need some new man eyecandy pronto!

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    @ A Boss

    Go for it! Represent for us little people!

  • told you so

    You dont like Starbuck? She’s not the easiest thing on the eyes but i do like her chacater. I’m hatimg that they are ending the series.

    @all the bossip ladies thinking about trying out for top model show….go for it. Even if one of you characters get on, it will make the show watchable. I tend to see the 1st episode (to see what the ladies look like and make my pick, then the last show to see how I did…maybe a few in-between if there is a cat fight or hookup)

  • jb_1030

    @told you so

    You dont like Starbuck? She’s not the easiest thing on the eyes but i do like her chacater. I’m hatimg that they are ending the series.

    OMG Starbuck is a chick? Oh hell no. Won’t be watching this remake.

  • Air Force

    ugh.. no one likes short models… they dont get any work anyways. And, they cant even DREAM of coming near a runway. Leave the show open for the 5’7 + ladies like myself..

  • Re...I happen to like BattleStar Galactica

    @told you so

    I definitely love her character! I think there’s this huge mystery surrounding her…


    Yeah, I heard the original character was a male…I think it’d be weird for me to see the original…

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