Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Malaak Rock attended UNICEF’s Snowflake Ball last night in NYC and actress Kerry Washington hit up the Gotham Awards in Brooklyn.


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  • HdubNdaBridge

    You had to ask ???!!! MISS WASHINGTON OF COURSE!!!!!!

  • Sa

    Kerry doesn’t gets it wrong, every time. She’s banging.

  • Sa

    doesn’t get it wrong, I mean.

  • Mrs

    The lady in the eletric blue is gorgeous she looks familiar too but I can’t place her. She wins

  • LJ

    No doubt KW:o)!

  • Mrs

    electric- sorry

  • keishon

    kerry washington hands down!

  • Mrs

    Effortlessly stunning- elegant!

  • http://celebhaterz.blogspot.com celebhaterz

    hey, i think kerry rocked it betta


  • luvchild


  • jay

    I’m not feeling either one of them. I gotta pass.

  • 504okaay



  • 504okaay


  • Sara

    Stop being mean. My best friend in Math is Black American and I am friends with people from different societies. You are racist to me. It doesn’t say which one is which in the pictures so how should I know? And my name is Sara not Sarah so who’s the dumb ass now? douche

  • JaliliMaster

    Sara, of all the replies you could have given, you pick the ‘my best friend is lack’ one. That line is so played out.

  • Will I. Power

    Kerry. Hands down. Mrs. Rock looks like a black Jetsons. LOL

  • Curly Fries

    Oh Lawd, we have a poser!

  • John

    I got to give it to Kerry!! Shes the girl

  • versace

    Why did Chris Rock marry her? What did she have on him to marry her? Does he look like he doesn’t cheat on her looking the way she does.

  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Mrswindycity

    Kerry due to the fact the other chick look like she has on one of those split lycra skirts and matching top. I know u guys remember those they were hot in like 1999-2000 and they came whole or with splits up the side?? Every girl had one….lol


  • kisha


  • Zana

    Malaak has a unique, less typical formal dress on that has detailing that cannot be appreciated in this pic. A different black dress is an excellent choice for the kind of event she was attending. Shoes are low heeled cuz her man is short and insecure, I suppose.

    Kerry is sportin’ her usual elegant image. Hair and striking color is her focal point red shoes and bright blue dress is nice for this time of year it is safe and prettylook.

  • Kunzite

    I won’t compare. To my taste, Kerry looks better with that beautiful blue, but I also think Malaak looks nice and certainly burnishes Chris’ profile.

  • Jen

    ok, enough with Kerry Washington! Everytime I see this segment about who is more bangin’ it is KW vs. someone! Whoever is in charge of this needs to take their obsession for her somewhere else! Put some others sistas up there. dang!

    besides, “watch i think i love my wife” with chris rock and one of the final scenes he is taking off Kerry’s drawls and there are white streaks in them! You gotta slow mo it so you can really see.

    It is nasty. Bad editing!

    So ironically it is Chris Rocks wife vs. KW this time! lmao

    My vote is for Malaak, due to KW and her stanky drawls!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    Kerry. I LOVE these two. Such grace. You caught Malaak on a bad day. She generally looks much better than this.

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