You Can’t Be Serious: Miley “Twerk Nation” Cyrus Leading In Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year Poll

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First, Miley is GQ’s least influential person and now she may be Time magazine’s person of year. Oh the fawkery.

Miley Cyrus Leading in Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year Poll

It appears that if bad twerking can get you on the VMAs, it can get you anywhere.

According to Radar Online:

In a new Miley Cyrus outrage, the twerking star is currently leading in a Time magazine person of the year reader poll!

Incredibly, Cyrus, 21, is getting 29 percent of the vote with fans considering her more newsworthy than President Barack Obama, or Pope Francis, Entertainment Weekly reports.

And the New York Daily News writes that the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s nearest competition, Indian politician Narendra Modi, is ten percent behind in the voting for the prestigious poll.

But those who are appalled by the pop star’s wild behavior should rely on cooler heads prevailing at the prestigious magazine. According to the rules, Time’s actual person of the year is decided by the publication’s editors.

When Miley Cyrus is a contender for Time magazine’s person of the year…you know the world has gone to isht.


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