Very Eerie: Famous Victims Of Freak Accidents

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Famous Celebrity Freak Accidents

We all have to deal with freak accidents to ourselves and/or loved ones. While our stories get hidden, these celebrities’ stories have been told the world over. Here are some of them…


Lil Wayne – When he was a teenager, he accidentally shot himself in the leg and damn near died.


Kanye West – He almost died in a freak car accident that wired his jaw, infamously.


Owen Hart – He’s the WWE star whose harness broke when he was being lowered to the ring. He died in the middle of the ring.


Sonny Bono – He died in a crazy skiing accident.


Christopher Reeve – He was paralyzed while riding horses. The accident led to his eventual death.


Brandon Lee – He died on set of the Crow movie in a stunt gone wrong.

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    wrestler premiere 2 171208

    Ric Flair – He survived a plane crash…and continued his wrestling career.


    Vic Morrow – Get this: a helicopter crashed on the set of Twilight Zone and decapitated Morrow.

    brad pitt

    Brad Pitt – He tore his achilles. Not a big deal, right? But he tore it on the set of Troy WHILE PLAYING ACHILLES! FREAK OUT!

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