Old Thangs Back: 9 Of The Biggest Reunion Fails Of All Time

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10 Reunions That Failed

When groups break up, we always want for them to come back. Unfortunately, when some of these reunions happen, they make us regret wishing they took place. These disaster reunions were hilariously awful.

Goodie Mob – We all love Goodie Mob and their classics, but their reunion album and performances were not what we grew up on.

K-Ci and JoJo – They had a reunion concert that fell apart when cats started passing out on stage and isht.

Mase and Diddy – They tried to rekindle that old Bad Boy flame and it had one hot song and that’s it.

Dru Hill – They came back and broke up in the same damn interview smh.

TLC – With Lil Mama? Nope.

New Edition – Remember when Bobby Brown was crazy? Yeah, so that ended that.

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    Jackson 5 – Rumor has it they’re reuniting with a hologram Michael Jackson. Sigh.

    American Wedding – The American Pie crew got back together and put out a crappy movie.

    Michael Jordan and Doug Collins – MJ reunited with his coach when he started playing for the Wizards and boy was it depressing.

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