Thicker Than Water Previews & Best Moments: Kandi Says The Tankard Wife Is Out Of Touch Thinking Most Americans Make $100K A Yr! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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First things first… MONEY!

Jewel tries to get Kandi on board with her “Millionairess Club.”

Turn the pages for a lot more…

Relive the somewhat awkward anniversary speech from Jewel’s father.

Sisters bicker over an ambiguous “No Kids Allowed” policy.

Jewel and Junetta shop for dresses, while blasting Junice’s party planning.

Jewel Tankard and her sisters drag their conflicts to a therapist.

The Tankard kids are dubious about how Brooklyn could afford to replace the car she totaled.

Kandi speculates that if Jewel Tankard thinks the average American makes $100,000, she must be loaded.


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