Tweaked-Out Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Offered Car And $5,000 To Gang Members Who Taped Him Smoking Rocks!

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That crackhead desperation is starting to show…

Rob Ford Offers Money And Car To Gang Members Trying To Extort Him

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New court documents released Wednesday suggest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers in exchange for a video that appears to show him smoking crack.

The information is contained in police wiretaps of alleged gang members who spoke about delivering drugs to Ford and having pictures of him using drugs. One alleged gang member is heard telling another that he rejected the offer for the tape and planned to meet the mayor and ask for “150,” meaning $150,000.

On one wiretap on April 20, an alleged gang member is heard saying, “Rob Ford was smoking his rocks today” and that he would post a picture on Instagram. On another wiretap, one man says he has many pictures of Ford “doing the hezza,” which police say is known to be slang for heroin. Another man suggests those pictures would be worth a lot, the document says.

On Wednesday, Ford laughed and ignored questions as he left his office.

Ford, who’s become an international media sensation, acknowledged last month that he smoked crack in a “drunken stupor” about a year ago. He previously denied the existence of the video.

Deny all you want Robbie, the tape don’t lie.

Ford admitted that he smoked crack after police said they had obtained a video that appears to show him puffing on a crack pipe as part of an investigation into his friend Alexander Lisi.

The newly released court documents say police heard on the wiretaps that Ford had his phone stolen or lost it at a home they believe to be a crack house and that Lisi was trying to get it back.

Police say they overheard that Lisi threatened to “put the heat on” the gang if he didn’t get Ford’s phone back and that the alleged gang members said they would not tolerate Lisi’s threats because they had a picture of Ford “on a pipe,” which police believed meant a crack pipe. Police say Lisi gave the men marijuana in exchange for the return of the mayor’s phone.

Dennis Morris, Ford’s lawyer, said the wiretaps are snippets of alleged gangsters who are talking among themselves.

Yeah, talking among themselves about HIS junkie azz! We’ve never seen a rock smoker try so hard to hold on to his dignity. Oh, wait

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