Recycled Love: A Gallery Of Celebs Married 3+ Times

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If at first you don’t succeed at marriage, try, try again (forever) like the love-hated celebs on this list who can’t seem to find that special someone who will deal with their isht to love and ultimately STAY with them.

Here’s a photo gallery of celebs married 3+ times. Take a look.


Terrence Howard, more marriages than Oscars (4)


Marilyn Monroe, three main husbands (and several side husbands)


Jennifer Lopez, 3 high-profile divorces


Richard Pryor, married seven different times to five women (married two of his wives twice)

James Brown biopic

James Brown, married 4 times

george foreman

George Foreman, married 5 times to women who now split his Foreman grill money

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    rush limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh, three divorces (wonder why?)

    In White Folks News: Ex- Hubby Billy Bob Thorton Is Reportedly Making A New Movie About Angelina "Wild Woman" Jolie

    Billy Bob Thornton, 5 struggle marriages


    Barbara Walters, 4 divorces (for obvious reasons)


    Demi Moore, married 3 times


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