Exclusive Pictures of Publicist Daughter in Latest R. Kelly Scandal

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the young daughter of Kellz publicist that recently quit. According to recent rumors, R. Kelly has known her since she was 4 and bangin’ the young daughter is the real reason her mother quit. She is allegedly 19.

You will find our exclusive pictures on MediaFAKEOUT in the morning, with their logo covering ours. SMH.

Here is what Regina Daniels and her husband had to say last week:

“I have always prided myself on professionalism, respect and loyalty,” says Daniels. “I ended my relationship with Kelly because there are some lines you just don’t cross.”

And in a statement Wednesday, her husband, George Daniels, a prominent record retailer, says: “I have also disassociated myself from Kelly.”

It looks like Kellz hit up the young girls high school party a few years ago. Maybe he was talking about the high school V.I.P in some of his cuts. SMH.

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  • Ttime


  • Datgirl

    R. Kelly needs to be institutionalized.

  • shay M.

    Eww she’s fug neway

  • Ttime

    ^^^ He really does, but what did the mother and the daughter (eventually) expect?

    This man is truly sick. It is a compulsion!

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    Well… she’s not a child. She is 19. I’m sayin’.


  • Nita

    does that look creeped out to you? i don’t think so. Dina was crawling all up on Akon before finding out that the trip to Africa was bogus and her minister father tried to ruin Akon by lying about what a virtuous little angel his daughter was; it’s the same here. something is fishy with the ‘my daughter was creeped out’ excuse, if that really is her hugging all up on R. Kelly above.

    As for the second photo, was she really the only black person on that beach? or do i need to get my magnifying glass out?

  • WTF

    WTF you won’t give her name but you show her face?

    R Kelly is a nasty mofo and the mama should have whooped his ass put him in hospital and then quit, naww wtf I don’t care if she’s 19 he’s known her since she was 4 that’s nasty and God knows how long he’s been hitting it,

    I mean yuck, wtf is going on with this nasty old fool named R Kelly

  • shay M.

    2 bad he’s a pedophile cuz he sure is a hell of a artist

  • WTF

    True dat nahnah I just read this on Sandra Rose and she didn’t show the girls face (unless i missed it) most sites copy from others but add the link saying according to….

  • shay M.

    Lol @ nita…

    U know she prolly sucked him off on her 14 bday

  • http://www.hotmail.com BostonBitty

    that nasty negroe. if he wasnt singing he’d be on to Catch a Predator do doubt

  • shay M.

    I guess my nigg kels likes em young N tight

  • arasiam

    he gon’ pee on u

  • shay M.

    I hope this doesn’t effect his old case somethin dont seem right

    I guess I’m a true fan

  • CCC

    @ baby please

    Well… she’s not a child. She is 19. I’m sayin’.


    of course she is but its alleged he was messin with her prior to her becoming an adult..

  • Z

    He likes them young so he can CONTROL them….it’s all about his EGO…and POWER…no grown man (meaning 10+ years older than the female) with common sense and self respect would want to have sex with a female that’s not experienced sexually or mentally…..

    That’s about MIND CONTROL….


  • Akimbo

    Y’all really don’t think you’re respecting her privacy by withholding her name, right? You put up pictures of her for the world to see, and we already know her mom’s name…

  • shay M.

    Rotfl @ Z lol u 2 funny

  • Prayman

    Satan, I said get back! Release R. from your evil hold! Now, R, my man, how do you feel? “I feel good, give me a hug!”

  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please

    @ CCC

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Well, that’s a different story then.

    Didn’t know that.


  • shay M.

    We would rather know her name cuz her face hm…ill hush on that.

    He must like the brown ladies he needs 2 show the yellow ladies some luv

  • jazzyphile

    The parents should have been more cautious as they knew what they were dealing with.

    If he peed on a 14 yr old on camera: What made your daughter any diffrent?

    They should have protected their daughter but the checks were too good.

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    I don’t believe it. Kels is sick, but she’s too old. Nineteen means she was born in the 80s. Now, if she was a mid to late 90s baby, then I’d believe you. She’s older than his album “12 Play.”

  • Ricky the Sicky

    Stop hating on R. Kelly. There’s nothing wrong regarding the love between a man and a young woman. The sensation of breaking in a willing young thing is indescribable. Stick in semi hard, let it expand in girth and hear them scream is nirvana. So try it before you hate.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    He should be ashamed of himself… Regina and George Daniels trusted and respected him. He did cross the line… when will he learn?

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