SMH: Wife Breaks Into Mistress’ House Through Doggy Door And Leaves Trail Of Unused Condoms On Her Stairs

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This wife was fed up.

Woman Breaks Into Home Through Doggy Door

You know you’ve had it when you break into the house through the doggy door.

According to KHOU:

Prosecutors believe a love triangle between three doctors turned into what sounds like a script from a movie of the week.

One doctor is now facing criminal charges after police say she broke into the home of her romantic rival last weekend.

Doctor Angela Siler-Fisher is the medical director at Ben Taub Hospital’s Emergency Center and is also a professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

Siler-Fisher now stands accused of a bizarre crime in an upscale West University area neighborhood.

According to documents, Siler-Fisher broke into a home there by kicking in a doggy door. Once inside, she allegedly used lipstick to write ‘whore’ and ‘homewrecker’ on the woman’s mirror.

Prosecutors say Siler-Fisher’s husband, Brandon Fisher, called the other woman to let her know that his wife was on the way.

The woman reportedly left the home with her kids before Siler-Fisher got there.

Law enforcement sources told KHOU Siler-Fisher also left a trail of unused condoms up the woman’s staircase.

Siler-Fisher was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and harassment. She has since posted bond.

According to documents, a surveillance camera captured Siler-Fisher coming and going from the other woman’s home.

“She’s probably the most sane person in this neighborhood that I know. She’s an extraordinary doctor from what I know, great wife and mother,” explained Pancheri. “She’s a great woman.”

Siler-Fisher could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

Love makes you do some crazy things.


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