Shots Fired: Rashida Jones Goes In On Nicki Minaj – “Pasties, Gyrating..This Is What It Looks Like When Women Sell Sex”

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She’s baaaaaaack

Rashida Jones Calls Out Nicki Minaj & Other Pop Stars’ Raunchy Behavior

Earlier this year, actress and daughter of Quincy Jones Rashida Jones made headlines by calling out female pop starts for their raunchy demeanor and slorey outfit choices.

After getting much backlash for her rant, Rashida recently responded to her critics in an op-ed for Glamour and stuck by her previous comments.

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I was shocked by the responses.

I’m not gonna lie. The fact that I was accused of “slut-shaming,” being anti-woman, and judging women’s sex lives crushed me. I consider myself a feminist. I would never point a finger at a woman for her actual sexual behavior, and I think all women have the right to express their desires. But I will look at women with influence—millionaire women who use their “sexiness” to make money—and ask some questions. There is a difference, a key one, between “shaming” and “holding someone accountable.”

So back to the word whore. My hashtag was “stopactinglikewhores.” Key word, acting. Like I said, I’m not criticizing anyone’s real sex life; as George Michael tells us, “Sex is natural, sex is fun.” But the poles, the pasties, the gyrating: This isn’t showing female sexuality; this is showing what it looks like when women sell sex. (Also, let’s be real. Every woman’s sexuality is different. Can all of us really be into stripper moves? But in pop culture there’s just one way to be. And so much of it feels staged for men, not for our own pleasure.)

I understand that owning and expressing our sexuality is a huge step forward for women. But, in my opinion, we are at a point of over-saturation.

Jones then got specific and put wild-child Miley Cyrus and rapstress Nicki Minaj on blast. Check out what she had to say to them, along with some other not-so-subiminal shade at Rihanna and other pop stars on the flip…

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