Hi Haters: Current Politicians Who Slandered Nelson Mandela

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Politicians Who Slandered Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the most beloved men the world has known in the past 100 years. Well, that is unless you’re a right wing conservative. These politicians have all slandered Mandela and supported keeping him in jail.

Dick Cheney – He supported keeping Mandela in jail and went on to say he stood behind his decision.

Grover Norquist – He’s the head of the American Tax Reform who went to South Africa to quell the anti-Apartheid movement.

Jeff Flake – He’s a republican Representative who personally represented companies that were pro-Apartheid in the 80s and 90s.

Ronald Reagan – He called the apartheid nation of South Africa as a “good country.”

Jack Abramoff – He headed the International Freedom Foundation whose responsibility was to shed a positive light on apartheid and a negative light on people like Mandela.

The National Review Online – They released an article linking Mandela to Hussein around 2001 when Mandela didn’t want to support another war.

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    IFF – The aforementioned IFF released propaganda that Mandela was a communism and anti-American in the 90s.

    Radical Right – Some have been upset over the fact Obama ordered the flags at half-mast. Seriously?

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