Hi Haters: Current Politicians Who Slandered Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela will turn 90 on July 18th 2008

Politicians Who Slandered Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the most beloved men the world has known in the past 100 years. Well, that is unless you’re a right wing conservative. These politicians have all slandered Mandela and supported keeping him in jail.


Dick Cheney – He supported keeping Mandela in jail and went on to say he stood behind his decision.


Grover Norquist – He’s the head of the American Tax Reform who went to South Africa to quell the anti-Apartheid movement.


Jeff Flake – He’s a republican Representative who personally represented companies that were pro-Apartheid in the 80s and 90s.


Ronald Reagan – He called the apartheid nation of South Africa as a “good country.”


Jack Abramoff – He headed the International Freedom Foundation whose responsibility was to shed a positive light on apartheid and a negative light on people like Mandela.


The National Review Online – They released an article linking Mandela to Hussein around 2001 when Mandela didn’t want to support another war.

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    Front Pages From Around The World: Nelson Mandela Dies, aged 95

    IFF – The aforementioned IFF released propaganda that Mandela was a communism and anti-American in the 90s.

    Front Pages From Around The World: Nelson Mandela Dies, aged 95

    Radical Right – Some have been upset over the fact Obama ordered the flags at half-mast. Seriously?

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