J-Hud to Sing on the Oprah Show Today

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Posted by Bossip Staff

As if J-Hud needed any more validation for star status, she’s going to grace the Oprah show with her beautiful voice today:

Jennifer Hudson will return to her hometown of Chicago to sing on The Oprah Winfrey show Friday.

The Grammy and Oscar winner has performed at several high-profile events, including the Super Bowl and the Grammys, over the last month. But this marks the first time that Hudson will sing in Chicago, since her mother, brother and nephew were killed in October.

Hudson will reportedly sing “If This Isn’t Love” from her self-titled album.

The Grammy winner will kick off her first solo tour on April 2 in Philadelphia alongside R&B singer Robin Thicke.

Amidst all of the personal strife J-Hud has had to deal with, it is amazing to see her shine as bright as she does.  Give those Oprah crazies the business, girlfriend.

More pics of J-Hud and Oprah below.


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  • lily

    She is so hot. I have seen her profile on ____Millionaire Romances com______, she is welcomed by a lot of rich singles and celebs here. She is looking for passion and excitement?

  • jb_1030

    Am I first this Friday MOrning?

  • http://www.gravatar.com Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Married To My Money)



    Good for J-Hud, I wish her all the best for the rest of her natural life.

  • jb_1030

    THey are also supposed to talk about Chrianna today aren’t they?

  • J'CAN!!

    She’s looking veeerry GOOD! Happy for her. Don’t trust that punk character though……his ass got suspect written all over it!

  • jb_1030

    @ Pimpin,

    Why can’t I be first. They don’t count. Don’t burst my bubble on this Pretty Friday Morning. 😦


    she is beautiful i hope she start to become bigger than bey…!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ermy Erm ( I stand by my disappointed groan)

    what it do Pimpin

    i wanna see this Oprah, i might go watch it in my boss office. he ain here 🙂

  • KC

    Good for her. She is just so graceful in everything she does and the epitomy of class. Loves her.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Married To My Money)


    Lily beat ya, SMH

    What up Ermy Erm! Sneakin off to go watch TV SMH

  • jb_1030

    @ Snook,

    She already has what Bey can’t get an Oscar.

  • sgfrgs@sfsgf

    she can sing, but she is not black star material. maybe its because of her family ordeal that gets her a sympathetic nod, but lets be real, radio is not playing her, and she is winning Grammys and all kinds of shit, for a R&B album that not 1 of you can name 3 songs on it. Am I the only one that sees this? I have NEVER seen anybody riding by pumping JHud.

  • mel


  • jizzy

    well at least i’m in da top ten j hud is talented but i dont like oprah

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    I see you got that picture working!!


  • Ermy Erm ( I stand by my disappointed groan)

    Colonel Stanky!! I gave you a Chello in the otha thread LOL

  • BE

    I will be watching today. She has a beautiful voice and her CD is the business (for all those who enjoy real R&B) I hardly ever listen to the radio because they try to kill you with the same 4 songs that THEY want to promote.

    I think I may try to catch her concert in Philly

  • pm

    @sgfrgs@sfsgf.. I don’t get it either

  • BE

    Hey Erm! Hey Colonel!

  • ♥SNOOK♥


    i hope she dont get a damn thing for that movie she coming out with cause if she does im going to be so mad..hell, tajahi didnt even get and oscar and she could act way better…and if she do i going to protest……lol

  • pm

    @SNOOK she is beautiful i hope she start to become bigger than bey…!!!!!!!!!!

    She is bigger about 150lbs bigger.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    BE! What’s good!

  • Ermy Erm ( I stand by my disappointed groan)

    HEY BE!! Happy Friday 🙂

  • ♥SNOOK♥


    lol…..thats messed up…but you know what i mean!!!!…and now jen might be in the one hundreds…lls

  • kahmmillion

    I love that white outfit on her without the hair.

    She is gonna tear it down!!!

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