You Can’t Be Serious: 6-Year-Old Suspended From School For Sexual Harrassment After Kissing “Girlfriend” On The Cheek!

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These schools take isht too far…smh

Via NYDailyNews

A 6-year-old Don Juan has been suspended from school in Colorado for kissing a classmate on the cheek because his principal considered it sexual harassment.

Hunter Yelton, of Canon City, gave his “girlfriend” a peck on the cheek at school, leading to his suspension from school on Monday, KRDO in Colorado reported.

“It was during class yeah. We were doing reading group and I leaned over and kissed her,” Hunter told the news station.

“They sent me to the office, fair and square. I did something wrong and I feel sorry.”

But Hunter’s mom, Jennifer Saunders, said the school’s decision to suspend Hunter for a day was an outrageous overreaction and that her son and the girl are “boyfriend and girlfriend.

“This is taking it to an extreme that doesn’t need to be met with a 6-year-old,”she told KRDO. “Now my son is asking questions… what is sex mommy? That should not ever be said, ‘sex.’ Not in a sentence with a 6-year -old.”

Apparently Hunter is a habitual line-stepper…

Still, this isn’t the first time Hunter has run afoul of school administrators.

He has been suspended for rough-housing and kissing the same girl once before.

Hunter told KRDO he was trying to behave, but that it wasn’t easy.

“I have a lot of energy!” he said. “I mean 6-year-olds — they have a lot of energy!”

Sounds like “energy” isn’t the only thing lil Hunter has a lot of…

Image via KRDO

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