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So did Evelyn’s new boo really get it poppin’ outside of their relationship? We’re happy to confirm that he did not.

We did a little digging and exclusively confirmed that yes, Carl Crawford did have a baby recently, but he’s no cheater and Evelyn is no homewrecker. According to our source Carl was single when Amy, who is mother to his 10-year-old son, became pregnant with their newest baby. The two were not dating and according to our source, Crawford believed Amy was on the pill — because that’s what she told him!

Carl and Amy have not dated or lived together in over seven years, and this latest child was the result of an offhand, one-time incident where the pair were just being consenting adults having sex. Evelyn didn’t even come into the picture until much later.

SMH. When will these ballers learn? Can’t leave the birth control up to these women, they’ll trick you every time.


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