LisaRaye Says Only Black Women Get Called Gold-Diggers

Race Matters: LisaRaye Says Only Black Women Get Called Gold-Diggers While White Women Are Just “Ambitious”

- By Bossip Staff

Is she right?

LisaRaye recently opened up about the disparity Black women face when seeking a better life compared to White women…

LisaRaye Says Only Black Women Get Called Gold-Diggers

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Jamie: What’s the biggest misconception about you?

LisaRaye: That I’m a gold digger.

Jamie: That ain’t no misconception. What the hell is that? You just said that you want a billionaire. What’s the difference?

LisaRaye: Why is that considered a gold digger? Do we say that when the White girls say that? Do we say that when we take our kids to the Ivy League school and they go to bar mitzvahs and all of those social events? But when we’re Black, they got to be, “She’s a gold digger.” How is that?

Jamie: What’s the difference between a gold digger and wanting to have a better life?

LisaRaye: I think that a gold digger is a woman that wants to be taken care of, but she’s not bringing anything to the table. She just wants you to do what you’re supposed to do for her and she’s not feeling she needs to do anything.

LisaRaye: I don’t feel that that’s right because, to me, as much as you want to receive you have to learn how to give as well and appreciate that gift of being able to give. That’s a blessing to be able to do that. So if you are being blessed by having this person in your life and vice versa, then you both are going to succeed together because he’s evenly yoked with you.

Do you think Black women get labeled as gold-diggers while White women are just seen as “wanting a better life?”



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