California Mayor Steps Down After Sending Obama Watermelon Email

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Racist jokes about Obama are still in style with some white folks:

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose has stepped down as Mayor of Los Alamitos, CA after sending out this fake photo of watermelons on President Barack Obama’s White House front lawn. Grose’s email included the heading, “No Easter Egg hunt this year.”

“I think he’s saying that since there’s a black president, there will be no need to hunt for eggs since they’re growing watermelons in the front yard this year,” said Keyanus Price, an African American who was among those receiving the email. Price told Fletcher that she considers the email racist and offensive.

“What I’m concerned about is how can this person send an e-mail out like this and think it is OK?” Price said. “He’s putting the city into a bad place and he is a liability.”

Grose apologized to Price, city council members and others.

“It was just poor judgment on my part and I am deeply sorry,” he said.

SMH. Well, we know who he voted for. Although a move in the right direction, Barack Obama as President won’t automatically kill the racism and ignorance that’s embedded in America.


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  • Ermy Erm ( I stand by my disappointed groan)

    That is SO ignorant!!! smh

  • ImWhatItIs

    dumb ass 1st


    what an asshole.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    This type of shit makes me furious……..

  • shar

    These people (racists) are showing themselves up badly.

  • Never Know

    Typical does not surprise me

  • kahmmillion

    Why is Bossip always so damn late?

  • Southern Princess

    And they honestly call black ppl stupid….Why can’t they just leave that man alone…PPl also think racism is still really bad in the South i mean it is still here but i swear the Northern, Eastern and Western states have gotten way worse

  • GGooDie

    I don’t get it. White people love to call Black people ignorant…but there are more idiotic white people as our leadership then anywhere in the world.

    @ Colonel Stinkmeaner me too!


    now go sell some oranges by the freeway you unemployed jerk off

  • chudney

    Yeah that was sooo dumb!! Why do white people think we like watermelon sooooo much..and They like it just as much. Same thing with Chicken and I dont even like Chicken.. People need to think before they speak.

  • Whatev!

    stupid ass.

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    he rather sacrifice what he has all for being an ignorant SOB. LMAO @ this imbecile. Only a jackass would allow something so ignorant ruin his or her career, a jackass I tell ya

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    @ Southern Princess
    it is all throughout Pennsylvania. It is RAMPANT in State College, Pa. “KKK” insignia’s everywhere! No b.s.

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking The Ass of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    … I say put the bitch on the FBI list, he’s what you call a domestic terrorist!!!

  • ♥SNOOK♥

    thats what they get i knew one day know one would like or trust the white man….shame on him

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Married To My Money)

    Its a whole lot of muhfukas jealous of Obama right about now…LOL

  • ♥SNOOK♥

    @Ermy Erm ( I stand by my disappointed groan)

    what do SMH MEAN???

  • BE

    this is so sad, to think that he actually thought he would get away with this. If he did not think he could get away with this he would not have sent it out. How bold to send it to a black person….this is truly sad. We come so far but not far at all. This is why we should never get tired of talking about and speaking out against racism. SMDH

  • pm

    In Cali of all places, He might have got away with some shit like that in Texas or Alabama…

  • hotbeaver69

    it’s just the same as being gay, i rather know what u are don’t hide it. bring it out so we all know how to play ur game. i hate closet racist. smile in ur face and racist around their closes ignorant friends. and it is really racist in PA my home town

  • pm

    @hotbeaver69, I feel ya on that .. atleast blacks are racist to their face we don’t hide it.

  • samech

    There was another incident like that here in NYC (Westchester). Cops put that same story on their FACEBOOK site and lost their jobs and they called their boss (a white lady) a ‘sloth’. I am soooooooooo not surprised, white people will NEVER change

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner


    SMH=Shaking My Head

  • mikenyc

    That picture is sort of funny – racist but funny.

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