NY mom arrested for killing newborn son and putting him in dumpster

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Glass-Eyed NY Mom Popped For Strangling Newborn Son And Throwing Him In The Trash!

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Pardon us, ma’am, but you ain’t ISHT!

New York Mother Arrested For Killing Newborn Son And Throwing Him In Dumpster

Via NYDailyNews

Cops in Rockland County have arrested a cold-hearted mom who they say killed her baby boy and tossed him in the trash.

Maria Oliva Guaman-Guaman, 23, was arraigned Tuesday night on a charge of second-degree murder, Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica said Wednesday.

She is accused of strangling her newborn and putting the body in a recycling bin at a deli in Spring Valley.

The Dumpster was then taken to Brookfield Recycling in Elmsford, N.Y., where a worker discoverd the body on Nov. 12.

Modica told the Daily News that Guaman-Guaman was “emotionless” when she was first interrogated and then began crying as investigators honed in on her as the suspect.

Nah, ho, don’t cry now…

“There wasn’t the huge amount of remorse you would think in a situation like this,” said Modica.

“I got to tell you, there was a bit of callousness.”

She made a “full confession” and allegedly told detectives, “I can’t afford another child,” Modica said.

DNA linked Guaman-Guaman to the baby. Modica said she was a person of interest early in the investigation, and that five or six tips out of 50 or 60 pointed to her address in Spring Valley.

The tiny body was found in a plastic bag amid discarded cardboard. He still had his umbilical cord attached.

Lord, Jesus…

Investigators dubbed the infant “Baby Angel” and gave him a proper burial on Nov. 23. The newborn never got a name.

Guaman-Guaman, who has a glass eye, had apparently been able to hide her pregnancy from the extended family she lived with in Spring Valley, Modica said.

That was very kind of the cops. What a disgusting human being this broad is…definitely a special spot in Hell for her.

Image via Spring Valley PD



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